Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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Are you running around, busy, and struggling to get it all done?

Keep Your High Touch Foundation

You’ve heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” This means you preserve what fuels your success: relationships with people that you build through phone calls, meetings, and other “high touch” activities.

We don’t want to eliminate that.

However, to work smart, you need to know where the work is.

Work Smarter Not Harder with High Tech

Once your way of doing things is assessed, we assemble a process.

A process does two things:

  1. It creates opportunities for delegating. Once you know the process, it can be taught to an assistant or other admin team member.
  2. Busy work can be automated.

What do we mean by “Busy Work”?

Busy work are those tasks that take little thought but can be time consuming. Examples include:

  • Creating a copy of a template of questions for consultations.
  • Prepping for a meeting that requires the same or similar documents every time.
  • Customizing calendar items.
  • Back and forth scheduling.
  • Sharing your calendar with an assistant.
  • Time blocking.
  • Updating a spreadsheet with leads from a variety of lead sources.
  • Tracking ongoing lead success.
  • Sending follow up emails.
  • Notifying you when appointments are set, documents submitted, or questionnaires received.