Are you probably thinking of doing online videos? Do you do podcasts from time to time? Here is the video equipment production gear do you need to produce awesome videos – even if you’re NOT a pro!

Having the best video equipment for your needs is the first step to getting started with video production. The right equipment could mean anything from tripods, microphones, laptops, cameras, and so forth.

Currently, there is a wide variety of video gears. But, how can you tell which is the best camera for online videos? How do you make the best audio sound quality? How can you capture the best image quality? These are just some of the frequently asked questions by people who need to shoot videos.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the basic video equipment required to start a video production business. The following is a list of equipment you’d probably need on a daily basis, regardless of what kind of content you want to share or what kind of business you want to start.

Good Setup

Camera Body


These have great video solutions. This video is one of the best that I have found.

More about the The Sony A6000

The most important video equipment that you will require would be a quality camera. Since you are just getting started, you do not have to purchase a high-end camera. We would recommend a SONY A6000. It resembles the A7 and performs quite the same as high-end cameras – cameras that cost thousands of dollars.

Its 24.3 million pixel sensor features an improved light collecting efficiency. Therefore, you will get the perfect image quality in virtually any light.

The sensors of Sony A600 has the following specifications: 6000 X 4000 pixels native, APS-C 16 X 24mm, 1.5:1 aspect ratio, and 24 MP. Moreover, SONY A600 is easy to use, lightweight and portable.

Another vital piece of video gear you will need to buy is a microphone. It is imperative to have a clear video sound. This way, viewers can get you loud and clear in your videos. If your audience cannot get you clearly, no one will pay attention to your videos. And if you are a vlogger, you will have a difficult time trying to get followers. If you are using Sony A600, get a shotgun microphone. These microphones have superb audio and the captured sound feels more natural than regular microphones.

Better Setup

Camera Body


More about Impact Soft n’ Natural Kit

It goes without saying lighting is extremely crucial, particularly if you are shooting a video indoors. If you are filming yourself in a place that is not properly lit you will not have good results. You will need to use appropriate lighting techniques without incurring extra costs.

However, if you are filming yourself indoors, you will need to invest in a lighting solution kit such as the Impact Soft n’ Natural Kit. It is a handy light kit for advertising work, fashion, and photographs. It contains a 20 by 27.5 softbox with a light stand and a 4-socket fixture. We recommend the Impact Soft n’ Natural Kit because it is strongly built and has individual rocker switch power control, multi-voltage capability, ceramic Edison sockets and a 5/8 stand mount.

Best Setup

Camera Body


There are a lot of options in lighting and at this point you could go in a lot of different directions depending on what is really important to your goals… But this is a great setup.

More about the Sony A6500

Sony A6500 is quite similar but slightly more advanced than A6000. It features a mirrorless camera. While A6000 costs around 400 USD, A6500 version costs around 1300 USD. Sony A6500 is more expensive because it has a faster processor, touchscreen control, deeper grip, and in-body-image stabilization. We recommend it though it may not be the sharpest or largest camera around. Nonetheless, it is a powerhouse of a shooter. For a beginner, it will be worth the money.

More about the Westcott Spiderlite Kit

Westcott Spiderlite kit is one of the best lighting kits for Sony A6500 camera. It features a ½ Dome Reflector, protective travel cap, and adjustable light output. The kit is made of metal making it robust and long-lasting. It is easy to setup and has a great background light. Although Westcott Spiderlite Kit is not the only lighting kit out there, we recommend it for beginners. They offer a great deal of flexibility and will definitely give your shots vibrant colors.

Whether you are starting a YouTube channel, shooting videos for your business, or just shooting videos for fun, you need a great camera body and a good lighting kit. There are a variety of video camera options available on the market today. For this reason, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming and confusing task. It is important, therefore, to decide what you actually want and what you want to capture. For example travel videos are best shot using a portable camera.  Do not let a camera body and price tag fool you. The camera body isn’t the only key factor you should consider. Other third-party equipment like tripods, gimbals, protective stuff and so forth are equally important. You will need such accessories to film videos of high quality.

A question might be what to invest in first. I would say your first priority would be getting that base level of a camera body. Then from there, getting good lighting. Lighting is crucial, but lighting will only matter if the camera has the capability to show that. And that first camera will do that great. They you just get better from there.