Is Your Business’s Facebook Marketing Managed?

You Still Need to Stay Active on Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook has recently changed its API. If we – or another digital marketing agency – manages your social media posting / Facebook marketing, it is more important than ever to stay active on your page.

Our management system sends and receives information from your Facebook account, and the number of requests for information is limited. That limit is reduced even further when there is a long span of time between the times you go onto your business website.

Be Engaged In Your Facebook Marketing

The good news is this: Your engagement in your Facebook marketing is a MUST anyway! Facebook’s rules regarding how much you go onto your page only adds motivation.

This video shows 3 ways to be active on your Facebook Business Page

Log into Facebook, go to your business page, and take the 3 following actions at least once – but preferably several times.

  1. Like other pages.
  2. Look at the stream of posts from those pages you like. Comment and/or like some of the posts.
  3. Post on your page or comment on one of your or someone else’s post – when you do, “tag” someone or a business (as shown in the video).

How Often?

Take these steps a MINIMUM of once a week, but 3-5 times per week is best.

As always, contact our office if you have any questions or need more help with your social media marketing.