When it comes to social media marketing trends, the pulse of social media is constantly changing which really keeps any business development professional like yourself on your toes.

There is a never-ending flow of improvements, new features, apps, and even platforms coming out hoping to be the next big must-have/ must-use. As I write this, there’s a developer somewhere who could be preparing to launch the next “big” thing with features that shift the current tide.

A Guide To Some of 2017’s Top Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media has become a key element used in current marketing strategies of successful business development professionals who strive for growth and online market domination. If you want to stay ahead of the competition – or to even keep up – it’s important for you to keep your finger on the pulse of the current social media marketing trends while also positioning yourself to be able to jump on them quickly. Not all social media marketing trends are right for your business but it’s important to know what they are and how to use them, and how they can lead to growth.

1. Right Now Video

Without question, live video is one of the top social media marketing trend on social media right now (if not the top). Video content has constantly produced higher views and engagement on social media platforms; namely Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The recent addition of live video streaming on nearly all the top platforms (Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram) have seen an extreme increase in engagement with this type of video content. Since the launch of video on Facebook, video is given priority over other types of content.

Video content (live or not) receives a larger organic reach than the non-video content (photos, links, and status updates) you’re sharing on social media. Video content leader, YouTube, hopes to keep it’s place at the top with the launch of YouTube Live.

How To Use Live Video To Double Your Organic Reach

Here are two major ways to integrate live video into your marketing plan.

Have Your Smartphone Ready

Keep your smartphone available to capture moments with clients and/or staff; show moments of milestone achievement, birthday celebrations, customer testimonials, announcements, and even just share a typical “day at the office” moment. The point is to share behind the scenes activity so your followers feel as if they have inside access to your business.

Plan for Live Moments

Schedule days, times, locations, and events that you want to share. By taking these steps to consistently give your followers this kind of access to your company, you build brand loyalty and turn prospects who may otherwise feel like “strangers” into loyal clients.

2. Expiring Content

Snapchat started this limited time content trend. Many of SnapChat’s competitors (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) have adopted some of SnapChat’s desired features, specifically the disappearing content.

Although expiring photos and video content is still one of the very new social media marketing trends; platforms like SnapChat and Instagram Stories have a lot of potential as social marketing tools for brands, specifically brands marketing to Millennials and younger. These platforms allow brands to tell their stories and build a brand persona with their consumers.

Tips to Increase Customer Retention Numbers Using With Expiring Content

Keep followers and potential clients checking back on SnapChat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp with these engaging and relevant expiring content marketing ideas.

Ask Questions

If you are placing a product order or restocking popular products currently out of stock now would be a great time use these expiring content platforms to ask your followers to give their opinion on which of the products are their favorites by asking multiple choice questions.

Convey Scarcity

Share with your followers the arrival of limited or special edition products – or better yet, when there is only a limited number of a “hot” item left. Piggy back on the sense of urgency this expiring content format creates for followers.


Take advantage of FOMO (Fear of missing out): Involve your followers in the planning or ramping-up stage of an event or special announcement, leak photo and video hints to followers; make them feel like they have VIP access.

Give your followers a reason to keep checking back – and don’t forget to share any big news they’ve been waiting for on these platforms.

The more you involve your followers the in these time sensitive situations the more likely they are to feel the “need” to keep checking back in order to not miss an announcement, flash deal, or chance to have a “voice” in your business.

The more you get followers involved and allow them to feel a part of your business the more potential clients will turn into loyal ones.

3. Social Chat

Social media’s primary purpose is to connect with others. With billions of people using Facebook’s messenger app and the social chat app WhatsApp, it’s safe to say people are seeing value in connecting with one another on a more personal level.

How To Positively Impact Customer Satisfaction Numbers By Engaging In Social Chat

Customer satisfaction is imperative for success in any business. Here are some tips on how to use the social chat apps to help you and your sales team increase customer satisfaction numbers:


Use Facebook messenger or WhatsApp to connect one-on-one with current or potential clients in a more casual way. When you increase communication channels, potential or existing clients will inevitably gain a sense that you and your team are more accessible for them and their questions or needs.

Direct Conversation

Engage in full conversations with a client or lead on the social chat apps. Learn something about them to further facilitate trust and familiarity so they feel there’s an open channel for them to reach back out again.

Use these social chat apps to host positive consumer interactions to further build a positive brand image.

Expect to see an increase in customer satisfaction resulting in business growth when you begin to integrate the use of these private messaging apps to offer improved personal, meaningful, and conversational engagement with your consumers.

4. Social Commerce

Since most marketers desire a way to measure the effectiveness of paid campaigns, more and more social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) offer brands more than just a space to share the link to their website. These platforms have added or improved on features that allow brands to offer consumers a chance to shop their products directly in their social feeds and then begin or even complete their purchase using “buy buttons”.

How Using Social “Buy Buttons” Will Increase Your Online Sales

Do you sell your goods or services online? As an eCommerce business developer, you know growth in sales numbers is the name of the game.

Every eCommerce business owner is looking for new and improved ways to drive online shoppers buy their products. The quicker or more convenient you can make a transaction for your consumers, you will see more transactions completed more often.

Here are 2 ways social “buy buttons” will increase completed transactions:

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Retail

With Facebook’s improved Dynamic Ads for Retail you can advertise specific products to a chosen target audience to be purchased directly on the Facebook’s platform without the consumer being redirected to many times away from the app they were browsing.

Buy Now Options

Pinterest partnered with Shopify to create an easy “buy now” option for their users: they even now allows you as a seller to target your buyable Pins to an audience who is looking for your product or product category all without a clunky and time consuming website redirect.

It’s all about bringing your products to where your consumers are, rather than bringing your consumers to you.

5. Mobile First

Another of the top (and rising) social media marketing trends is MOBILE OPTIMIZATION. Recent research shows that more than half of website traffic comes directly from mobile or tablet devices.

With consumers browsing primarily on their smartphone and tablets and with Google putting a high priority on mobile-first indexing, it’s more important than ever before to create content with the mobile experience in mind first and foremost.

How to Use The Mobile First Approach So That You Don’t Miss Leads

Your consumers and potential leads are on their mobile devices (phones and tablets) more than anything. Here are extremely useful cues for making sure you are not missing any leads when thinking “mobile first”:

Design for Mobile

Forget the desktop environment even exists. Make sure your, font choice, photos, colors and calls-to-action” are big enough when looking at your website on a mobile device.

Optimize Text

As far as SEO goes, content is still very important but steer clear of large chunks of text. Write nuggets of content for webpages and blogs.

Captivate Short Attention Spans

Make sure your headlines are captivating and written with the mobile end-user in mind.

Final Take Away

Social media marketing trends float in a sea of opportunity whose tide continues to rise – but the vast seas can sometimes look never ending (and hard to wrap your head around).

Decide which methods fit your industry, your brand’s message, and your goals, then run with it.

Don’t let it overwhelm you – we offer an initial 30 minute digital marketing services consultation. Schedule yours today, or comment below with your questions and thoughts.