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Need help with Social Media? Let’s start with something simple (but with a BIG impact!!)

Enjoy Better Results with a Customized, Actionable, Social Media Plan


And walk away with a social media plan you can use right away!

What You Get:

1. Your Social Jump Plan:

  •  The Top Recommended Social Platform Specifically for YOU
  •  Early Wins: At Least 1 Way to Optimize What You’re Already Doing
  •  The First 3 Tactics to Execute on and Master

2. Competitors Report: A look into what your competitors are doing, keywords they rank for (and you don’t), content that engages, and hashtags you’re missing out on.

3. Ideal Client Report: We take your answers to the questionnaire and build them into an Ideal Client (aka “Personas,” aka “Avatars”) Report

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You’re getting over $1,600 worth of value out of something for which we’re only asking a $450 investment – what then?

Love It

(We’ll help you execute) With a solid plan, we can move forward and help you execute your plan. Beginning with strategy, moving to execution, and incorporating monitoring ROI and making adjustments will be our first recommendation.

Love It

(Execute it Yourself). If you have a full team that can complete all aspects of the plan, that team will have excellent direction with this plan. Keep in mind that you can reach out any time for aspects that you need help with.

Hate It

While unlikely, if you’re disappointed for any reason – your happiness is paramount, so you can request a full refund within 7 days of plan presentation.

Your Social Jump Plan » GET STARTED

4 Quick and Painless Steps


The Process

1. Discovery Call, then We Evaluate Your Current Profiles and Insights
2. You Complete Up to 3 “Ideal Client” Questionnaires Using Our Online Form
3. We Pull a Competitor & Influencer Report
4. We Create and Present to You a Social Jump Plan

Get faster results without the pain of avoidance, annoyance, being scattered, and later regret.

Your Social Jump Plan » GET STARTED

Feel Less Disappointment and More Success!!

  • Increase your share of attention on social media

  • Constantly improve your brand exposure on social media

  • Put your resources in the right place

  • WITHOUT aimlessly throwing time and money at social media

  • WITHOUT becoming overwhelmed

  • WITHOUT diluting efforts by wasting time and money on the wrong channels

FAQ #1: “Can’t you just take care of our social media? Do we really have to do a plan first?”

Warren Buffet’s Rule #1 is this: don’t lose money. We don’t want YOU to lose money, and we certainly don’t want to participate in it. It is extremely important that we start off with a vision to MAKE you money!! Without a plan, I’m afraid you’ll just throw money into the wind. Let’s get that wind blowing money back AT YOU!!

Your Social Jump Plan » GET STARTED

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