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Your website should be more than a business card.

If you want a website to accomplish some things like lead generation, prospect nurturing, and driving more targeted traffic from search and social – you’ve come to the right place! Hint: if you just want an online “business card,” we’re probably not a good fit for you. We believe your website is one of the most important sales members of your team, and every page is an employee: each should have a goal (a job to do) and a way to get it done! That’s how we approach web design and development.

“I have literally looked at THOUSANDS of websites. Please do yourself a favor and do it right. It’s not just about the information you send out or how pretty it is. Every single page MUST have a goal and the tools to do it. Consider this: if you don’t get results from your website, if you’re like most professionals, you consider it a loss. The better you answer the questions your website’s viewers have in their minds when they get to your website, in other words, the better you can solve their problems before they’ve even talked to you, the better results you’ll enjoy.”

~ Tiffany Youngren, Founder of OMH Agency

Website Improvement Consultation

If you are wondering what a professional would say about your website, what they’d suggest you improve, how to get more leads or sales from it, and what tactics would bring more visitors to it – here’s a pretty phenomenal opportunity.

OMH Agency Founder, Tiffany Youngren, has been developing, studying, and optimizing web design since the early 1990’s. She’s consulted COUNTLESS business owners and has given HUNDREDS of actionable tips to get better results.

Stop struggling, and get a punch list that will improve traffic and conversions immediately upon implementation!

In 45 minutes, you’ll have the action steps to get your website doing it’s job. Click the button below, make the very small investment that could save you thousands (and make you even more), and after that, you’ll be forwarded directly to a link to schedule your 45 minute consultation! Limited time only.

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Web Design and Development Process

Know How to Improve Your Website in 45 Minutes

Get a punch list of actionable tasks to give your developer, or discuss enlisting the OMH Agency team, to get your website performing well through good web design and development practices.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Web Design and Development So You Can Take Care of Business!

Once your website is built, it’s job is far from over.

Ask about our management plans where you can submit unlimited change requests and get a free redesign after 2 years.

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Our 10 Commandments for a Great Website

There is even more that you can do with your web design, development, and overall web decisions than what is listed here, but all 10 of these items are very important. If you’re on board with the following “commandments,” let’s talk more about next steps.

1st Commandment:


If you pay any amount every month for your website, you probably rent (with a few exceptions). That means if at any time you want someone else to do cool marketing things from your website, or if you want to take your website elsewhere, no-can-do. It’s one of our biggest pet peeves. Please own your website if possible – you paid for development, it’s your content, and set up to make money for you. You should own it. Well, sometimes we fudge on this for sales funnels….

Website Design and Development - Own your page
Website Design and Development - Know Your Goals

2nd Commandment:


Every piece of your marketing, from TV spots, radio and print ads, social media pages and posts, and other marketing all  refer and link to your website. Then what? Did you really pour your time and money into an online business card? Please expect more from your web design!! Leverage what should be your most valuable online asset it to get leads, nurture clients, encourage referrals, and get sales. Invest what you need to, and consider each page as a valued employee with a goal and a way to accomplish it.

3rd Commandment:


Knowing your audience is extremely important at every phase of marketing and sales. Because your website is often the first introduction you’ll get to someone new to your brand, it is crucial that you not only know – but express –  the problem you’ll solve, the solution, and the benefit to the client. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Peter Drucker.

Website Design and Development - Know Your Audience
Website Design and Development - Know Your Goals

4th Commandment:


Your brand matters. Regardless of how your visitors get to your site, they should experience consistent branding across the web design. Big brands put millions of dollars into building their brands – so investing a few thousand into solid brand standards is money well spent. We’re not trying to sell  you something here – we don’t work directly with you to develop brands, but there are some amazing companies who do. If you aren’t directly in touch with one, we can discuss options.

5th Commandment:


How important do you think it is that people can comfortably and quickly view AND use  your website on mobile devices? According to Statista, as of 3rd quarter, 2017, 75% of the US population were actively browsing the internet from their mobile device. So, it’s pretty important. Technology today allows us to build a website that is “responsive,” making it mobile-friendly across a variety of devices. It takes a bit of the precise web design control out of your hands, but opens a world of opportunity towards viewership – which is a must.

Website Design and Development - Make it Responsive
Website Design and Development - Know Your Goals

6th Commandment:


On your home page, the first thing your visitors see before scrolling (“above the fold”) should tell them exactly what you want them to do and make it super easy for them to do it. If you want their email address, include that call to action at the top. Sites where you want the visitor to “feel” like he/she is right there at your place of business, integrate that into this section. Blog posts should get right into the meat of it before scrolling, as should most interior pages – most people won’t scroll far.

7th Commandment:


A good exercise is to write down a list with 3 columns: problem, solution, benefit. Take a problem that your customer is facing, the solution that you have to offer him, and the benefit he will enjoy by using your solution. Your website should be FULL of this (as should your marketing in general). Website visitors don’t want to see you go on and on about your favorite service or product features. “We’re great because…” “Our …. is the best because it has ….” They want to know that you understand their problem, have a solution – but most importantly, how will their lives look afterwards.

Website Design and Development - Focus on Benefits
Website Design and Development - Get a Good Flow

8th Commandment:


When you know that you need a new website, you might be tempted to copy and paste everything from your old site. To develop a highly effective website, care should be taken to guide the visitor into taking action. It costs more time and money to develop the storyline and writing, but it will improve your site’s success rate. You’ll also want to make sure that someone is watching the analytics and adjusting the site for better performance. If this is done by an agency – give them the green light to run with testing and trying things so your site’s performance improves over time.

9th Commandment:


From the front page to the back, each web page is a potential landing page. If someone looks up “how to update a WordPress website” on a search engine, the first page they’ll see of our website is our blog post outlining how to update  your WordPress website – not our home page. So every blog post has a lead capture integrated into our email campaign system. You can also add “Click to Tweet” and social share links on blog posts and feature Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. Of course – never forget to include links to your social profiles on the headers, footers, and Contact page.

Website Design and Development - Integrate Email and Social
Website Design and Development - Technical Details

10th Commandment:


This is where I start to geek out about things that you may not want to hear about, but they are CRUCIAL to the success of your website!! As much as you’re eyes are glazing over right know, understand that these things are important. Details like on page SEO, Schema mark-up, image optimization, caching, HTML/CSS/JS minimization. Most important of all is having an SSL (“https://” not “http://”) website. If you can go as far as investing in AMP pages and advanced schema, your website will rank higher and higher as these details improve.

We’ll check it for you.

Common first looks address Top of Fold on the home page, the SSL, mobile responsiveness, and a clear call to action.

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Website Design and Development Experience to Back It.

If you need a new website or redevelopment, we have options to help any business grow and scale. We have over 20 years development experience (more than 10 with WordPress) and have honed our process to one that gives you the power (and guidance from our skilled marketing team) to create an online presence you can build an amazing strategy around.

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