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Are you tired throwing money into marketing and unsure of – or unhappy with – the results?

The first step is easy – and free. Set up a Strategy Session to ask questions, and we can get an overview of your business, goals, audience, road blocks, solutions, and next steps.

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A Special System Where You Walk Away with a Custom Strategy Blueprint

It takes about 4-6 weeks where we meet regularly via video conference to gather information and discover where you’ve been, where you want to go, how much you can spend to get there, the strategy to make it all happen, and analytics to measure success and needed adjustments. We share the information and progress all along the way using Trello, email, and phone calls.

The outcome: a winning plan to execute! From there, you’ll either love it and we can execute it, you love it and you execute it, or you hate it and can get your money back.

Let’s talk more about what you want to do, what you need, and if we’re a good fit to get you there.

What You Can Expect

Ongoing Communication, Expertise, and Research Backed Recommendations

Plus Weekly Meetings by Phone or Video Conference!

Excellent Collaboration


We don’t take it lightly when you team up with us to create something as important as your marketing blueprint. We love what we do – and work exclusively with people who also love what they do. We are all passionate about doing a better job than anyone else in our industries, bringing exceptional value, and delivering results. This process is a great opportunity to get to know how we operate. There is transparency and updates are shared using a Trello board that we you have access to. Your tasks – as well as ours – are documented, updated, and attachments are added. We are able to tag each other to notify one another of updates, needs, reminders, as things are completed. Nothing would make us happier than if, in the end, you love working with us, we love working with you, and we all move forward to execute the plan together.

Marketing Strategy Blueprint Trello Board


Love It

(Move forward together) This is pretty common, since we are usually able to come up with some great insights and ideas to overcome obstacles.

Love It

(Move on). You got something useful out of the meeting, but you’ll do it on your own.

Hate It

This has literally never happened, but even if it does – nothing lost except 30 minutes (and hey, you set a record!).

We’ll Help You Prepare to Use Messaging that Attracts the Right Clients or Team Members


Your time is precious, and so is your budget. You carefully plan every minute and every dollar, so why would you waste thousands of dollars and hours and hours on blanket marketing? As we develop your Marketing Strategy Blueprint, we’ll create three Ideal Customer Avatar (or “Persona”). Resist the urge to be like other agents who don’t want to think hard enough to do the right thing – you know the right thing is to identify, understand, and speak directly to the people you’d want to do business with. We’ll do most of the work to help you do it.

Proposal for the Marketing Strategy Blueprint

Amazing Outcomes


When we work closely with you to create a Marketing Strategy Blueprint, you will love the plan because your team and our team work together to build a highly customized, research-backed, marketing strategy with one sole outcome in mind: RESULTS. If you want more leads, sales, or conversions (or, if you’re like most real estate agents and entrepreneurs, all 3), your blueprint gets you there. ?? Best if you have a total monthly marketing budget of more than $5,000.

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Let’s get you one step closer to having the Marketing Strategy Blueprint you need for success!

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