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Marketing Management Services to Expand without the Stress.

Get a team that is your “right hand person” with executive level skills and years of experience growing businesses. We take the heavy load of marketing right off your plate.

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“In all honesty, I could stand here and write all day about OMH and the value that Tiffany specifically has brought me and my company, the kingdom real estate. Tiffany and the OMH team have gone OVER THE TOP in all aspects of helping our business grow, evolve, and adapt to the market. She has brought new light to the potential of our business but also has had the expertise and experience to be able to locate specific action points to grow our business in the most efficient way possible.”

Todd Fleming, Co-Founder, The Kingdom Real Estate
Real Estate Team Leader John Ellis

We Free You Up for More Important Things. Enjoy Marketing Management and Implementation (we do it for you), Analytics, and Oversight Tailored to Your Brand

Your database needs to be fed for scalable growth, and prospects will only convert if you dominate that #1 spot at the top of their minds. As your business cycle is busier and slower throughout the year, it’s easy to fall into the trap of inconsistency.

Your Client Success Marketing Manager is your point guard, and Tiffany is the coach who brings you, the owner, the WIN – systematically and consistently.

This program was built for busy industry influencers, like you, who want consistent growth but need to be freed up to grow sales. 

You get a “right hand person” with executive level skills and years of experience growing businesses to take the heavy load of marketing right off your plate. 

You also get direct access to our agency resources for tasks like professional writing, web development, social media management, ads, and the best industry software platforms. (Do you have an inhouse marketing person or assistant right now?)  If you do have an in house Marketing Assistant, some costs can be reduced, because we work closely with your team all along the way. We oversee and manage it all, and then the outsourced work orders are paid for directly by you. This bypasses the costly markups you see with more traditional marketing agencies, and as a result, you could save thousands of dollars in just a few months.

My two favorite things about the way we’ve deconstructed the old Agency model are:

#1: We manage everything for you while staying nimble. Opportunities open up to add and omit tactics and alter methods along the way. Set strategy contracts can be a weakness of a traditional agency contract, where you’re more or less locked into a single, set path. This really optimizes your ROI.

#2: You’re going to love the freedom you enjoy when you hire us. Imagine the frustrations of hiring an employee to achieve the huge goals and dynamic tasks you want done. You hire that person, have to train them – not just once, but ongoing. Then, you’re much more locked into an employee than a month-to-month service provider like OMH Agency. We’re in it to win it, and have our own skilled team to tackle whatever needs to be done.

How nice does it sound to get the help without the hiring headaches?

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When You’re More Rock Star and Less Acoustic Solo Cafe Performer.

Expand your business with less stress.

? Are you too busy to keep up with your website, social media, blog posts, email campaigns, and CRM systems?

? Are you frustrated with training your team how to market and handle leads and contacts in your database?

? Do you wish you had someone to just take care of your online stuff without all the headaches of training, follow up, and stress of an employee?

Discover how you can become a partner and get Marketing Management  and Coaching, plus a Team that works as hard as you do.

Get Started with a 30-Minute, Free Consultation. We’d love to answer any questions that you have!

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