Content Marketing Services to Bring in Leads, Build Your Brand, Position You as Leader, and Nurture Raving (Referring) Fans!

It starts with your website as home base for all of your marketing, with social media to drive traffic to it, monthly emails to nurture your database, and blog articles to capture leads and provide amazing content for it all. Everything is extremely value-based, meaning you’re answering questions and solving problems – oftentimes before people even meet you!

We implement it all for you using a pre-built editorial calendar, articles, and social posts. Your email template is customized to incorporate a referral program, remind past clients of your value, and help new leads get to know you better.

We’ve used our secret sauce to grow Facebook followers for real estate agents and other businesses in the double and even triple digits. The social media consistently sends new visitors to value-forward blog articles, and using strategic giveaway offering optin forms on blog posts has consistently generated leads for us and clients.

Inbound Content Marketing Example

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Check out how Blog + Social + Email can ramp up your marketing!

Blog Post Content Becomes Landing Page

Blog Post Magic


Blog posts are likely one of the most underestimated piece of digital marketing that exists today. Every time you add a blog post, you add a page rich with keywords and valuable content that builds your credibility, positions you as a thought leader, and gives away valuable information to a targeted audience interested in that particular content. This keyword rich content marketing improves SEO and means that each blog post is a landing page – another opportunity to gather email addresses from quality leads!

Every Post a Landing Page


Your “home page” and other static pages like your “contact,” “about,” and “services” pages are all optimized for the obvious key words. As you write blog articles to answer a questions common to your ideal audience, when they search for those answers, your blog post comes up! Then, as they scroll down, you can offer a compelling giveaway relevant to the specific topic you are writing about. This is a classic example of the power of content marketing. We recommend a download for each category that is assigned to a specific email list.

Blog Posts as Landing Pages for Inbound Marketing
Lead Capture for Target Audience Lists

Targeted Leads


Once you clearly identify your 3 target audiences, their questions, biggest issues, and the benefits they’ll most enjoy, create a download for each. We walk you through the process, help you build list-specific downloads, then assign them to the respective blog post categories. Your home page is a crucial lead capture, but blog posts offer unlimited potential to really narrow down the interest so emails can be tailored to the interests of each specific group.

Nurture Raving Fans


Systematic monthly emails with content from your blog post and ongoing reminders for your leads and clients build a tribe of raving fans that keep you top of mind. Because your blog posts are written to speak to their common issues, they’ll greet your emails as helpful, relevant tips. You can also use these emails as reminders about your services, ask clients for referrals, and link other free information available to your contacts. In between these newsletters,  your audience remembers you so sales emails are less likely to prompt spam complaints.

Email Content Marketing from Blog Posts to Nurture Leads
Blog Content in Social Media to Drive Traffic

Social Media Magic


Social media is a great place to reach out to a new audience and remind your existing contacts that you understand the issues they face and generously provide valuable information to them. Blog content marketing is one of the pieces to that. We post 5 times per week for you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google as part of the standard Secret Sauce package (enhanced services are available). Each week is split into 5 topics – 3 of which correspond to the blog post categories, and blog post “nuggets” are used as bait to lure clicks to your posts.

Social Media Powerhouse


The biggest mistake businesses make on social media is to SELL, SELL, SELL or post mostly about how great they are. Think about what you look at on social media: you want to see something interesting, funny, or an update about a friend. As a business, your biggest advantage is that you have answers to issues people face. With our value-based posts going out consistently, you are able to skip weeks – or sell, sell, sell – because we fill your feed with answers to questions. This not only creates a balanced feed, but HUGELY enhances the engagement on YOUR POSTS!! You are the star, they want to hear from you, and they love to know you give them value more than you ask for anything from them.

Facebook Boosts Every Month

Not sure if a small ad budget makes a big difference? Here are results for UNDER $24 and 7 Day Facebook post boost for a recent client campaign:

7 Day Facebook Boost Real Estate

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