Before you hire and train another staff member or marketing “guru,” consider this: What if you could get someone to lead your marketing team who is as COMMITTED as a partner, but without sharing equity or profits?

(Hint: You can.)

Become an Elite Partner

“In all honesty, I could stand here and write all day about OMH and the value that Tiffany specifically has brought me and my company, the kingdom real estate. Tiffany and the OMH team have gone OVER THE TOP in all aspects of helping our business grow, evolve, and adapt to the market. She has brought new light to the potential of our business but also has had the expertise and experience to be able to locate specific action points to grow our business in the most efficient way possible.”

Todd Fleming, Co-Founder, The Kingdom Real Estate
Real Estate Team Leader John Ellis

We Free You Up to Close More Deals

This is perfect for top producing agents/brokers with gross annual sales of at least $20-100 Million

The friendships and ownership of success that we build with our Agent Marketing to Sales Partners is extremely important to us. If you build your business based on relationships, I’m sure you completely understand. As such, we work very hard to keep things on track at all times to use the best methods and optimize your budget to get the best results. To accomplish that, a strategy is set, your competitors are monitored, your audience is tested, and tactics are adjusted accordingly. Although we can do it all for you if needed, you are a crucial part of the process, so to get the very best outcome, we need great partners. Does that sound like you?

Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategy


The initial strategy is set then reviewed every six months: once a year in person, the others are by video conference. Annual in-person reviews are at your office and last 4 hours per 10 people on your team, to give plenty of time to meet, review, and train.

Agent Marketing Pieces Fit together


Your team will get once per month feedback and training and can contact us with questions any time. Our team can also add on marketing services to execute on any marketing pieces where there are gaps in house.

BreakAway Agent Inner Circle Group


You will be part of the BreakAway Agent Inner Circle for live meetings, exclusive training, and special access to programs. You will also get special discounts for our annual event, BreakAway Live: Traffic and Connection.

Real Estate Agent Website Management


You and your team can submit change requests ongoing throughout the month, and our web team will make those changes.

Agent Marketing Bonus for a Limited Time


As an Agent Marketing to Sales Partner, you and your team have access to Digital Marketer Certification Training!!

Agent Marketing Bonus for a Limited Time


For a limited time: You’ll be featured monthly on our new Podcast for real estate enthusiasts, investors, buyers, and sellers

Get Started with a 30-Minute, Free Consultation. We’d love to answer any questions that you have – and we can see if we’re right for each other.

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Marketing Chief with a Skilled Team and Proven Processes.

Would you like to double sales in 2 years? 

🤨 Are you too busy to keep up with your website, social media, blog posts, email campaigns, and CRM systems?

😖 Are you frustrated with training your team how to market and handle leads and contacts in your database?

😫 Do you wish you had someone to just take care of your online stuff without all the headaches of training, follow up, and stress of an employee?

Discover how you can become a partner and get Marketing Chief and Team that fits your needs. For a LIMITED TIME, you’ll also have a once a month feature on the Real Estate Round Table podcast for buyers and sellers, BreakAway Agent Group membership, and access to Digital Marketer Certification training for your team.

Let’s Talk About How This Works In Your Business

It seems like hyperbole, doesn’t it, when we say “get to #1 online and #1 top of mind.” Well, we honestly are driven to help you succeed – and we and know our stuff. I PROMISE you one things: will knock your socks off when you see what goes into every piece of content. You will not regret talking to us about how to dominate in your segment.

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