We Help Busy Professionals Stand Out with Marketing Services to Get New Clients and Gain Authority

With Our Proprietary Core Content “Secret Sauce” Digital Marketing System.

We help the busiest, most amazing professionals build authority and get clients using our signature digital marketing services. There are 3 levels to our services: Masters, which is a full marketing and prospecting system; Partner, which is a digital marketing core content and blitz system; and Starter for Real Estate Agents.

Engaging Content Featuring You, But We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting.

Our service levels are suited for any level of production, but first decide the type of media (videos, podcasts, or just blog post articles) would help you stand out the most. Remember, your time availability is not an issue: we’ll plan and produce it for you to take as little of your time possible.

Blog Posts

Blog Post as Core Content for Digital Marketing

The article pages become landing pages to capture leads, improve search ranking, and serve as re-purposed content for maximum traffic. When ranking websites, Google pays attention to things like how much time visitors spend on your website, internal links that strengthen your overall authority, external links with anchor text that go to internal pages, and whether there is fresh and current content. Blog posts improve all of that, plus act as a lead generating landing pages.


Videos as Core Content for Digital Marketing

85% of the US internet audience watches videos online, and YouTube isn’t just the #2 search engine – it is the second most popular website on the internet (right behind its parent company, Google). Value-based videos for education and/or entertainment to engage your audience are optimized, put onto YouTube, and then become blog posts (with all the promotion). We keep up with current best practices to get the maximum results possible.


Podcasts as Core Content for Digital Marketing

Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated, making podcasts a valuable way to reach your best prospects. There are also an estimated 750,000 podcasts in over 100 language. So, that’s worldwide and businesses of every size – from giants to small businesses. It is estimated that there are over 32 M businesses in the US and in the 200 Millions in the world. It’s safe to say you’ll be a standout with your own podcast!

Our Secret Sauce is Your Secret Weapon

This proven method will get you leads using lead capture blog posts, keep in touch with to retain clients and get referrals, and dominate on social media with value-based content that drives traffic to your website and sets the stage for a growing audience. 

We’re the road crew who sets your stage and warms up the crowd so when you show up the crowd goes wild!

The Secret Sauce: Website, Blog, Social, and Email


Your website is the foundation, and all of your marketing works together for our SECRET SAUCE. These are the pieces we manage for you, and we work with you to make sure it’s working with the other pieces of your marketing as well for UNIFIED MARKETING.

Blog Posts

The magic created from core content. Drive traffic, re-purpose content, capture leads, improve SEO, increase search ranking – and for more search terms.

Lead Capture

The tools to grab contact information from the best leads – not just any lead, but those interested in what you have to say and have opted in to hear more.

Social Media

Grow your authority and your audience with consistent, value-based content that drives traffic to your website.

Email Newsletters

Monthly updates with high value content is one more way to keep you in touch with past clients and leads to convert more sales.

We Make Sure Your Marketing Works and Constantly Improves with Analytics, Oversight, and Consulting

It’s not enough just to toss out marketing and hope it works. We provide you with an analytics dashboard, a written 2-3 sentence “bottom line” summary of findings from your Success Manager each month, a quarterly consultation phone call where we can discuss your findings – or any other marketing ideas you have, and a Strategy Review every 6 months. Enhanced Analytics also includes a monthly review of recordings of people visiting your website and an SEO scan; we write up a change request based on what we see and our web development team makes those changes!

After the “Jump Start,” You Can Select from Our Monthly Marketing Services to Stand out in a Crowded Market, Build Authority, and Get Fresh, New Clients.

Our signature “Secret Sauce” is available at three different levels to fit any budget and ambition. All will get you new and delight your past clients – just at different speeds. If you know the lifetime value of a client, consider the best marketing services fit when it’s paid for with just two new clients. Click here for an example of how the Secret Sauce works with your website, the magic of blog posts and value-based content in your email newsletters and on social media.

Starter Marketing Services for REALTORS

For real estate agents interested in getting started building amazing momentum online – and still get the benefits of lead generation and nurturing – we have an adjusted / shared content marketing service called Swipe and Grow.

“Wow – the social media content is really great!”

You’ll discover that you get all the benefits of custom services, but at a reduced price because the content is shared. Read More ….

Core Content Blitz marketing services

Build your authority and be seen as the premier choice in your market with value based, authority-building, core content. You’ll get fresh, new clients from a whole new audience. In addition, you win more referrals and repeats through your website, emails, and social media! The strategy and content for this extremely robust, brand and client building system is customized for your business. Prices start at $5500 per month.

Download our Content Blitz Guide that shows you the system.

Winning Pipeline Sales Funnel


We use a proprietary system that we built and have been using to truly expand our audience and build relationships with incredible influencers. It works like a machine, and now we’re making these Business Development services to you as our M+P Expert Expansion Elite services.

Check out our Free Guide to see how it works.

Our 3 Part Process to Domination

I mean it – you really can stop “competing” and start DOMINATING using videos and podcasts that are pushed out to your website, social media, and email campaigns. Here are the 3 steps to getting to domination.


Set the Course

Identify the message that will attract the right kind of clients, topics your audience is looking for and asking about, and the format that best fits you. You can first preview our pre-planning checklist. After that, you can set up a Power Hour where we’ll go through it with you.

Get the Planner >


Create Commanding Content

Here is where “competition” turns into domination. Our one-of-a-kind process is customized to create value-based content that your best clients and prospects are looking for. We do all the heavy lifting to produce and optimize social and educational videos, starring you, and subsequently turn them into syndicated podcast episodes.


Ongoing Authority Building

Our ongoing monthly services provide you with the blog posts that will get more traffic to your site and generate leads. In addition, grow you audience and drive website visitors with social media, and keep in touch for more repeat and referral business using valuable updates to your contact list.

Our Competitive Spirit and Focus is Set on Helping You Stand Out, Measurable as You:

Expand Your Client Base

You probably rely on referrals and repeat clients for most of your business -which is awesome (and our Secret Sauce helps you do that), but you won’t scale without new clients.

Build Authority

Use value-based articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and emails that answer the questions you get asked all the time to show people how helpful you are and how much you know.

Optimize Everything (Highest and Best Use)

In real estate, you are familiar with the term “highest and best use,” right? That’s what optimization is – and we are obsessed with it. We know what you go through to carve out a budget for marketing, so we make sure you get absolutely every drop out of it possible.

You Optimize Your Time, People, and Budget

We optimize everything that we work on for you.

Blog Post Landing Pages


Blog posts are a great starting point and, since new visitors will arrive at this as their first page, it’s a prime opportunity for capturing leads.

We start with an Editorial Calendar that is based on research into what your clients and future leads are looking for.

If you’ve ever talked to me about websites, you’ve probably heard me say, “Every page of your website is like one of your most important employees. It should have a goal and a way to do it.” My favorite goal for blog posts is lead capture – especially for real estate agents.

Blog Posts as Landing Pages for Lead Generation
Digital Marketing Using Video



You know the value of video – especially in real estate, right?

Videos remain the best performing post type across the platforms – on Facebook alone, video gets 59% more engagement than other post types

But who has the budget – or the time – to create videos every week, never mind the ADDITIONAL time needed to actually post them.

We have access to patented technology that allows us to direct and create high quality videos that you shoot with your smart phone or iPad. We can even turn your phone into a teleprompter!

Podcast Preeminence


The best way to run a podcast is to identify a format that excites you and provides a way for you to deliver information that you love talking about – yet also answers questions for OR ATTRACTS your ideal clients.

The beauty of podcasts is that they are ready to repurpose to both video and blog articles (and should be reused as such). Our systems will make the process smooth as silk and catch like wildfire!!

It’s one of our favorite things to do – and with the results you’ll get, it will be one of yours, too!

Use a podcast to increase your digital marketing reach

Let’s Talk About How This Works In Your Business

It seems like hyperbole, doesn’t it, when we say “get to #1 online and #1 top of mind.” Well, we honestly are driven to help you succeed – and we and know our stuff. I PROMISE you one things: will knock your socks off when you see what goes into every piece of content. You will not regret talking to us about how to dominate in your segment.

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