How to Make Money with a Podcast (Stress Not Included)

Curious how podcasting makes money?

It’s no secret that its easy to set up a podcast. Connect a microphone to your computer, hit record (heck, you can even just record episodes right from your phone). Monetizing it is more obscure… or is it?

What if we said all you need to do is push a button?

Ladies and gentlemen, you just landed on THE resource to monetize your podcast. Our Podcast Ignition System takes the guesswork out of acquiring clients, sponsors, and strategic alliances (joint ventures).

Free Up Time And Get Back To Doing What You Do Best – Creating Attention Deserving Podcasts

Introducing the Revolutionary Podcast Ignition System

You Bring the Talent – We Bring the System.

Podcasting has been peeking through the noise for years as a way for influencers like yourself to get your message out to the masses.

But, up until now, we’ve had 2 choices: either start a cheap podcast in your spare room, or spend hours and thousands of dollars producing something worth sharing. Then, once it’s produced, you are lucky to get noticed by even a small corner of the internet without throwing even more money and time at distribution and promotion.

“Basement production” or “expensive and hard” have been terrible options.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that podcasting remains one of the most effective ways to be seen by more people because of the unique opportunity to create an abundance of content out of one simple Zoom video.

Add to that the leverage of a guest’s audience, and you have marketing gold.

THERE IS NOW A THIRD CHOICE: Press play, show up, and capture that marketing gold.

We have put our proven podcast marketing machine into a “box” for others to enjoy. It makes Planning/Prep, Production, and Promotion of a well produced, well known, and monetized show EASY!

Your team takes care of it for you – and we help with a click-to-run machine in the background, VA support, training, and concierge service. No team? No problem. We have systems for that.

Once we get you on board, all you have to do for each episode is

  1. Click “Run.”
  2. Do quick and simplified guest research with a form that sends a synopsis of guest information right to your inbox. This makes your show more awesome, and shows your guest what a pro you are.
  3. Show up for your interview to talk with someone you want in your sphere. You’ll have a friend for life.
  4. Approve the blog and social posts, and other marketing materials when they arrive. You wouldn’t want it any other way – it’s put in front of you, and won’t go out until you say “yes.”
  5. Enjoy expanding your audience and access to titans in your industry. One of the best complements is, “Once I was on his/her show, I saw my episode everywhere!” I know I loved hearing that from a best selling author … and now one of my mentors.

We estimate that you’ll save right around 10-15 hours a week (assuming you have a weekly program that is something better than a “Basement Podcast”).

If you have a 7-Figure Business, it pays for itself in less than a week. Add just 1 or 2 new clients, and your new podcasting machine could be totally covered based on the full listed price of this system!

What is even better is that our team has a special offering they are opening up to podcasters who have recorded at least 5 episodes (even if they were guest spots on other people’s shows).

If you would like to be considered, please click here to apply for a free consultation.

Harness Power Accountability Partner Bio George Rosario NYC

“This was so easy. I’ve been interviewed by so many people who weren’t as comfortable, they looked too practiced. We had a conversation, we’re like best friends now!”

Richard Kallabat BreakAway Agent

“This was only the third podcast I’ve ever done, and I like it. I like the process.”

Stephanie Vitacco BreakAway Agent

“Oh it was great! I thought it was good. You made it very easy, it was very relaxed, and you’re a great interviewer.”

Podcasting: Anyone can start a podcast in their basement. Real leaders should be effectively podcasting to spread their message, sign up better clients, and gain access to other influencers that seem beyond their current reach.

Contrary to popular belief (and maybe your past experience): It doesn’t have to be hard.

What if I told you that we have a system where you have to do only 4 things: answer a few questions on a form that’s emailed to you with all of the information gathered on any new guest, show up to the interview, approve the content that’s created, and enjoy the increase in calls that come in from people you actually want to talk to.

Planning & Prep


Bringing in and managing guests can be rewarding, not daunting. We make it easy for your team to get the most out of each interview in a few clicks.

Guest Recruiting, Interview Management, Monetization, and Team Development.



One simple Zoom recording can turn into 101 pieces of content and in places across the internet (and beyond). Systems take it off your plate and blow it into a 6 figure PR campaign.

The Creation of Finished Audio, Video, Blog Posts, Transcriptions, Press Releases, Social Media Content, and Guest Posts.



All of that beautiful, optimized content is no good to anyone sitting in a Dropbox folder. With another click, the team pushes it out so your audiences “sees it everywhere.”

Podcast Syndication, Social Media Posting, Press Release Submissions, Blog Post Upload and Optimization, YouTube Optimization.

Have You Recorded at Least 5 Episodes?

If you have done at least 5 podcasts – whether your own podcast or as a guest – and want to gain traction while releasing yourself from the burden of it all, apply for a free consultation.

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