How to Make Money with a Podcast (Stress Not Included)

Curious how podcasting makes money?

It’s no secret that its easy to set up a podcast. Connect a microphone to your computer, hit record (heck, you can even just record episodes right from your phone). Monetizing it is more obscure… or is it?

What if we said all you need to do is push a button?

Ladies and gentlemen, you just landed on THE resource to monetize your podcast. Our Podcast Ignition System takes the guesswork out of acquiring clients, sponsors, and strategic alliances (joint ventures).

Free Up Time And Get Back To Doing What You Do Best – Creating Attention Deserving Podcasts

Introducing the Revolutionary Podcast Ignition System

You Bring the Talent – We Bring the System.

A unique opportunity was created to address common issues that challenge influencers like yourself who are positioning to become more omnipresent online.

Instead of struggling to develop processes and navigating the tools necessary to successfully get a podcast and YouTube show generating a return on your investment, there is already a system in place to make it easy and it save a lot of precious time and money while helping your team create an attention-deserving podcast.

I hate seeing ambitious entrepreneurs like you being held back from doing the things that directly bring money into your business with the time-sucking distraction of learning the ropes, building, and “perfecting” the processes required.

Imagine just hitting “run” and showing up for the interview.

We put our proven podcast marketing machine into a “box” for others to enjoy. It makes Prep, Production, and Promotion of a well produced, well known, and monetized show EASY!

Your part time assistant (“Production Manager”) runs the processes for you, and at the center is a robust machine with workflows, training, templates, concierge services, and even a CRM. This click-to-run machine is OMH’s Podcast Ignition System, designed to help your team build your audience of fans and followers with consistent content creation and distribution.

No team (or assistant)? No problem. We have systems for that.

Once you sign up, all you personally have to do for each episode is

1. Click “Run.”

2. Let your team run the system.

3. Show up for your interview to talk with someone you want in your sphere and make e a friend for life.

4. Watch your influence grow.

We estimate that you, as owner/manager/host, save anywhere from 5-15 hours a week or more to do things right with this system. Your team saves approximately 20-40 hours or more per week.

If you have a 7-Figure Business, it pays for itself in the first few days. Add just 1 or 2 new clients, and your new podcasting machine could be totally paid for for the year!

We have a special offering that we are opening up to just a few people for this week only, and of course I thought of you.

I’m reaching out to influencers like you who I respect, people I believe could really “kill it” at podcasting, to grab the few spots that are left in our beta “Founding Members” group. This is a chance to join and get the full benefits of the system for a deeply discounted investment, all while getting personal attention and a direct line to me to provide your feedback.

That in itself is an amazing opportunity, but now we’re opening it up to a few few stand outs (only until July 19, 2020) to subscribe and onboard just in time for the first group training – and we’re offering the first two weeks FREE.

These first two weeks are pivotal.

As a new member, in the first few weeks, you

  • Get your own training and automation dashboard
  • Are given your own CRM platform with email, form, text, and review widget templates
  • Schedule your 90 minute orientation and onboarding call
  • Schedule a follow-up 30 minute training for you and your production manager / assistant
  • Schedule a 60 minute Ignition Switch training for your assistant
  • Access all the downloads, forms, tech stack recommendations, training videos, and included Process Street training

The subscription goes to back up to the introductory investment of $2500 / month after the remaining spots of the first 10 Founding Members are locked in. The Founding Members group get a very deep discount applied to the introductory rate because Tiffany and her team covet the feedback and collaboration, which is why they’re being very selective about who joins at this stage.

This is a pretty great moment to jump in and take advantage of being at the right place at the right time.

If you would like to be considered, please click here to apply for a free consultation.

Harness Power Accountability Partner Bio George Rosario NYC

“This was so easy. I’ve been interviewed by so many people who weren’t as comfortable, they looked too practiced. We had a conversation, we’re like best friends now!”

Richard Kallabat BreakAway Agent

“This was only the third podcast I’ve ever done, and I like it. I like the process.”

Stephanie Vitacco BreakAway Agent

“Oh it was great! I thought it was good. You made it very easy, it was very relaxed, and you’re a great interviewer.”

Podcasting: Anyone can start a podcast in their basement. Real leaders should be effectively podcasting to spread their message, sign up better clients, and gain access to other influencers that seem beyond their current reach.

Contrary to popular belief (and maybe your past experience): It doesn’t have to be hard.

What if I told you that we have a system where you have to do only 4 things: answer a few questions on a form that’s emailed to you with all of the information gathered on any new guest, show up to the interview, approve the content that’s created, and enjoy the increase in calls that come in from people you actually want to talk to.

Planning & Prep


Bringing in and managing guests can be rewarding, not daunting. We make it easy for your team to get the most out of each interview in a few clicks.

Guest Recruiting, Interview Management, Monetization, and Team Development.



One simple Zoom recording can turn into 101 pieces of content and in places across the internet (and beyond). Systems take it off your plate and blow it into a 6 figure PR campaign.

The Creation of Finished Audio, Video, Blog Posts, Transcriptions, Press Releases, Social Media Content, and Guest Posts.



All of that beautiful, optimized content is no good to anyone sitting in a Dropbox folder. With another click, the team pushes it out so your audiences “sees it everywhere.”

Podcast Syndication, Social Media Posting, Press Release Submissions, Blog Post Upload and Optimization, YouTube Optimization.

Have You Recorded at Least 5 Episodes?

If you have done at least 5 podcasts – whether your own podcast or as a guest – and want to gain traction while releasing yourself from the burden of it all, apply for a free consultation.

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