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A Marketing Agency to Help Dial in Your Path to Grow Revenue

Stop stressing and let us help you get your marketing and sales working together to increase revenue.

Accelerate Your Million Dollar Breakthrough with Our 3 Step Process


If you want to team up with a marketing agency that values a partnership that works for us both, the first step to do that successfully is a consultation. We’ll discuss the dream, challenges, and next steps.

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Our Breakthrough BluePrint is an actionable plan, mapped out, with quick wins, how to optimize what you’re doing, new ways to achieve your goals, and 2-3 different options for you to take to get there. You can implement the plan, we can do it for you, or you could even hand it off to another marketer. This is also a great way to see if we’re a good fit for each other! Time frame: 5-6 weeks. Huge value, even as a standalone service.


Implementing your BluePrint consistently and in a way that adjusts to move your business forward. We help you do this by managing your marketing and its integration with your sales process as Fractional Marketing Director, through Limited Secret Sauce Services, or we can coach your team through it with Coaching, Analytics, and Oversight. Recommended minimum budget: $1500 per month.

🖐️ Before You Go Any Further:

I do not take lightly the fact that you are willing to try a (yet another) marketing person. After dozens of consultations and interviewing even more podcast interviews, I see some all too familiar, and disappointing, patterns.

👇🏻 Here are some common things I hear when it comes to marketing successful businesses trying to get to the next level.

Can You Relate?

  • “I heard websites don’t matter any more”

  • “All of my business comes from referrals.”

  • “I got screwed by a marketing company and don’t want to turn around and waste more money.”

  • “I hate Facebook, and don’t see how other social media could help in my situation.”

  • “I just stopped sending post cards because I wasn’t seeing any more results.”

  • “What is ‘Google My Business’?”

  • “I want a podcast, but don’t have the time.”

  • “I spend thousands on leads, but I need someone qualified to follow up and turn them into actual clients.”

  • I want to get to the next level. How do I know who to trust?

  • “My marketing is all over the place, and the market is competitive.”

Online Marketing Help from a Skilled Marketing Agency Team

What You Can Expect When Working with OMH Agency

Whether it’s a free consultation, a Breakthrough BluePrint, monthly services, or any other offering, we are committed to your peace of mind knowing that you can expect us to:

  • Tell you the truth. Sometimes you’ll love it – sometimes not so much, but you can count on us to say what we mean and mean what we say.

  • Give you our best. We select clients to partner up with who bring their “A” games, and we do the same.

  • Keep the main thing the main thing. When the target is set, we do our best to make sure to keep our eye on that – no matter how complicated (or mundane through efficient, consistent systems) the day to day gets.

  • Constant business growth. This is the “main thing,” and we are obsessed with making it happen. Whether we implement the strategies or supporting your team to get it done, we stay on it from day 1.

  • Keep high standards. Our team, vendors, and tactics change to keep standards high. When something is off, you can expect us to adjust in a timely manner.

Grow Your Business This Year - OMH marketing Agency

Let’s Do This.

“You just have to make the choice to actually do it. I am so tired of excuses. Why not try something new? Be optimistic, exhibit patience, shut your mouth, and execute.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Services that Scale to Optimize Your Outcome

Whether you’re ready to have us become your “Marketing Person,” coach, or  want us to take care of it all, if you want to grow – our marketing agency can help.

Marketing Department Takeover - OMH marketing agency


We dial in your marketing and integrate it with your sales team.This program is for busy industry influencers who want consistent growth but need to be freed up from marketing. You get skilled talent without the headaches of finding, hiring, training, and managing an employee. We can cover the core digital marketing strategy, and ongoing podcast/video campaigns.

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Done for You Digital Marketing Agency Services


Our “secret sauce” is a robust digital strategy that defined how we have been able to help businesses grow over the past 3 years (and how Tiffany helped a local financial advisor grow his assets under management by over 54% the two years prior to starting OMH marketing agency). It’s a robust and efficient way to get your marketing machine up and effective more quickly.

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Start a Podcast Marketing Agency Services


Use podcasting to rapidly expand a growing fan base, build your authority as the premier choice in your market, and even convert cold leads into your best clients. No time to do it? Perfect! We’ll manage it from start to finish. Our podcasts have been highly effective, and we’ll implement our finely tuned systems to get you momentum quickly.

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Our Competitive Spirit and Focus is Set on Helping You Stand Out, Measurable as You:

Expand Your Client Base

You probably rely on referrals and repeat clients for most of your business -which is awesome (and our Secret Sauce helps you do that), but you won’t scale without new clients.

Build Authority

Use value-based articles, videos, podcasts, social media, and emails that answer the questions you get asked all the time to show people how helpful you are and how much you know.

More About Our Secret Sauce

This proven method will get you leads using lead capture blog posts, keep in touch with to retain clients and get referrals, and dominate on social media with value-based content that drives traffic to your website and sets the stage for a growing audience.

Our Marketing Agency is the road crew who sets your stage and warms up the crowd so when you show up the crowd goes wild!

Worry free marketing that works.

A Marketing Agency that is Dedicated to Getting You Results.

Our marketing agency services will most certainly build your authority. What sets us apart is our growth hack and holistic approach to connecting your sales and marketing teams. The added bonus is having access to a business development coach and strategist like Tiffany who has built several successful companies and consulted dozens.

Do a Quick Self-Check of Your Marketing Opportunities.

Download our free MARKETING OPPORTUNITY SCORE CARD and ROI Calculator.


Do you have any examples of your work that I can check out?2020-01-02T16:08:48-07:00

Yes. We are respectful and protective of the brands we help expand, so we’ve put together a Client Success Briefing to outline some cool outcomes – please send us an email to info@omhagency.com to request it. You can also check out our “Secret Sauce” Inbound Marketing web page (link above in the Secret Sauce box) for examples of how we have used blog posts, social media campaigns, and emails to help our clients get leads and build authority.

Marketing Agency Work with Decades of Experience

Do you require a long-term contract?2019-10-24T15:46:24-06:00

No. Marketing campaigns do take time to roll out, test, and adjust to enjoy the results we all expect. We ask that you give our strategies 9-12 months to reach momentum.

We love working with our clients – and we want to keep it that way. Not everyone is a good fit. if you (or we) discover that we need to move on, we ask for a minimum 30 days notice to “unwind” our integrated services and disengage.

Is my initial investment the Setup amount + the first month?2019-10-24T15:46:32-06:00

No. The Setup is a standalone investment for the first month. The first recurring monthly investment usually begins 1 month after the Setup is paid. Please check with your Success Manager or OMH Agency rep to confirm the Setup time frame.

What do you do exactly?2019-10-24T15:46:42-06:00

Imagine you want to hire a Marketing Director. Think of us as the one you hire – but instead of one person, you get a team. Instead of hiring an employee, you engage a marketing agency to eliminate the training, payroll, and other hiring headaches.

The investment in our management services is about 70% less than bringing on a Marketing Director.

I already have a marketing assistant, but don’t have time to oversee her and constantly give direction. Can you help us?2019-10-24T15:46:48-06:00

Yes! We love working with people who understand and value marketing to expand your business. As we oversee the big picture and manage the pieces, there are responsibilities that need to be delegated. We can manage your in house employees to accomplish tasks or outsource to our preferred vendors – or use a combination of the two.

So, you manage the online marketing, then there are work orders for things like web development, writing, social media management tasks, ads, etc. Can you just do everything – soup to nuts?2019-10-24T15:46:57-06:00

Yes. For custom marketing plans, we can manage the entire campaign. If you are in real estate, be sure to check out our “Swipe and Grow” Secret Sauce service, which includes blog posts, social campaigns, email campaigns, analytics, oversight, and coaching.

Do you help businesses outside the real estate industry?2019-10-24T15:47:04-06:00

Yes! We have experience helping businesses grow in a wide variety of industries. Request a consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

I want a podcast, but I want my team to manage it. Can you just help us get set up and train us to do it?2019-10-24T15:47:11-06:00

Yes! You will find our processes combine the right amount of automation to streamline the work, using less of your time, while keeping a more “high touch” connection with your prospects. We’ll get you set up from interview request campaigns, through production, and right into promotion.

I’m pretty sure I want a podcast. Is there a way you can help me just try it out?2019-10-24T15:47:19-06:00

Yes! A great way to test podcasting on a small scale is our one time Episode Takeover Bundle. We produce and promote a 30-40 minute episode, starring you, that highlights your strengths and unique value proposition – or what sets your business apart from your competition. You get a first hand look into our process while while we do it all for you. Production and syndication is a quick turnaround, and the online social, blog, and YouTube blitz goes out over the course of 2 weeks after it releases.

We work with you to develop the content, then interview you to get warm, interesting, and high quality content. One really cool thing is that your episode would continue to get promotion over time through our sharing and advertising the podcast, SuperPowers of Entrepreneurs.

I don’t know where to start.2019-10-24T15:47:26-06:00

Step #1 is to set up a free initial consultation. We’ll ask questions that will lead us to a recommendation. Sometimes we suggest a specific course of action, and other times we begin with some foundational marketing planning steps.

Let’s Talk About How This Works In Your Business

It seems like hyperbole, doesn’t it, when we say “get to #1 online and #1 top of mind.” Well, we honestly are driven to help you succeed – and we and know our stuff. I PROMISE you one things: will knock your socks off when you see what goes into every piece of content. You will not regret talking to us about how to dominate in your segment.

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