As You Work to Rank on Google

Don’t Compete with Yourself!

You want to be the premier choice, but how does it look when you compete with yourself? Once a prospective client starts to consider hiring you, they Google you. When they do, be professional! Don’t leave yourself open to losing clients because of sloppy search results. Start with this Top Choice Checklist – our gift to you.

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Are you competing with yourself instead of having a clean rank on Google?

Don’t Cut Your Authority with Potential Clients

When you made the short list for a potential client, don’t disqualify yourself by having a message showing on search engines.

You work hard to build your online presence, and like your reputation, it can be wiped away in one fell swoop.

Search for Yourself: How do You Rank on Google?

Go to your favorite search engine and look for your name.

Click on the links.

Does the contact information match up?

Do the links work?

Clean Up with Our Free Gifts to You: the Top Choice Checklist

We want a prospect’s search of your name to turn into an amazing new client, so we created a checklist you can use to do a basic clean up of search results so you can be the premier choice.

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