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If you are a real estate agent and need more leads – why not use a sales funnel to get leads? This was the question we were answering with this website. It is our dream to help real estate agents build better websites.

A landing page was created, two “lead magnet” giveaways (one for buyers, another for sellers), and it was integrated with the monthly email campaign that we managed for him. Blog posts were written for each list each month, and excerpts sent in the email campaign (yes – all of this is past tense). We also helped this agent build his social media presence.

OMH Agency did all of the writing and structure of website. We also built out the blog and social media presence.

UNIQUE EXAMPLE of a real estate agent who DID NOT incorporate IDX (MLS search, etc) into his website. We linked the search navigation to his broker’s website.

*Website is not guaranteed. It is a snapshot as of 3/20/2017 and may not be current or reflective of the business’s current status, products, terms, prices, etc. It is for example only.

Does your budget prohibit you from spending all it takes to invest in IDX integration for your website? No worries! You can still brand yourself, have your own SEO, lead capture, lead funnel, and so on.

Here is an example of how we can do just that and simply link the search navigation to your broker’s search pages.

Real Estate Agent Website for Lead Capture
Real Estate Agent Website for Lead Capture
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Get a new website that is mobile friendly, that YOU own, help design, and control the content, complete with on page SEO and social integration. We have scalable packages to hit your goals, attract your audience, and engage visitors for more in person sales!

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Don’t fall into the trap of having a site and letting it die on the vine. We can help you make sure it’s doing what you created it for – and more. Let’s talk about your specific business and we’ll walk you through your next steps towards more revenue.

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