Marketing Management Implementation and Strategy

👉🏻 Do you want more leads to feed your database?

👉🏻 Do you struggle with consistent marketing because you’re busy working with clients?

👉🏻 Do you find yourself taking your precious (and valuable) time away from networking and selling houses with doing marketing, lead generation, and training?

👉🏻 Are you afraid to hire someone to help because you want to save money or based on a past experience?

👉🏻 Do you wish you could trust someone to lead your marketing team and implement your strategies more consistently – so your business is growing, whether the market is hot or cooling?

OMH Agency Exists to Solve a Common Pitfall:

When business is good, you’re too busy for lead generation, marketing, and CRM management. When business is slow, you have time to work on it yourself and train your team to do it, and would rather not spend the money to have a more skilled team to do it.

As you struggle to do the job that is your highest and best use (build relationships and close deals), it’s hard to CONSISTENTLY execute and constantly improve your sales and marketing strategies. .

I’ve been in real estate over 15 years. I’ve built successful real estate businesses, amazing teams, and loyal business relationships. I am a relentless sales and marketing “nerd” with mad leadership, implementation, and cutting edge integration skills.

Trust our team to do what we say, work hard, and stay committed to treating your vision, mission, goals, and budget with the level of care as if its our own.The people we work with – from staff, contractors, and collaborators, to our clients, are considered valued friends, which is reflected in our loyalty and commitment to providing high value.


We are raving fans of our clients, and absolutely love what we do. Our clients are a huge part of their own marketing team, and we are honored to help. Here are the key players at the OMH office. Know that we are also well connected with top notch collaborators that help us implement – we use companies and individuals that have similar values, vision, company culture, and are super fun to work with!

Key Team Members

TIFFANY YOUNGRENOwner / Lead Marketer

Tiffany has over 20 years marketing experience, has owned and run businesses in a variety of industries, and built websites since the early 90’s. She combines depth of knowledge and experience with an eagerness to learn that keeps OMH Agency sharp and effective.

TALER HILLDigital Marketing Manager

Taler has a background in Visual Communication that she uses on her quest to be an expert in all things social media. Her past job experience has given her the edge she needed to get a leg up in content writing and marketing, and her love for learning enables to her to grow with the ever changing market.


OMH Agency serves Real Estate Agents nationwide, and our team is across the country. Miranda is a real estate agent and marketing assistant in Los Angeles, California, and is Tiffany’s right hand person at workshops and other LA events. Miranda’s leadership, poise, and lifelong study of entrepreneurship up close has made her an invaluable team member.


It is our vision to attract, team up with, and build treasured friendships with high growth, inspiring REALTORS, collaborators, and team members across the USA that makes us all more wealthy in every way than we ever imagined through growing businesses, relationships, and ourselves. We see OMH Agency as being THE choice for Real Estate pros as a trusted business growth advisor and valued marketing resource by keeping the “main thing the main thing.” May gratitude, curiosity, high standards, and a people-first attitude guide the way.


We value relationships, collaboration, and giving 100%.


Value #1

Value #1: Team

Care deeply

Have fun


Value different strengths


Value #2

Value #2: Focus

Identify the Goal

Keep Your Eyes on the Target

Develop Effective Strategies



Value #3

Value #3: Being Real

Live Authentically

Communicate Transparently

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Unleash the Passion


Value #4

Value #4: Curiosity

Ask Questions

Ask More Questions

Learn Continuously



Value #5

Value #5: Results

Interpret Outcomes

Reveal Solutions

Take Massive Action

Adjust As Needed


Value #6

Value #6: Synergy

Collaboration with Clients

We are Raving Fans of Clients

Collaboration with Other Pros


Do You Know You Need Help?

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“Tiffany and her team did an amazing job building our website! The process was quite simple and it is clear that she takes a ton of pride in delivering a great client experience. The site build was nice and clean, she focused on the behind-the-scenes details, and she delivered on everything in the scope of the project and then some!”


I have over 20 years experience and a strong passion for marketing, food, real estate, personal/professional development, and keeping my finger on the pulse of trends. My husband and I owned a real estate office in Washington State for over 15 years, and continue to invest in real estate. We have owned and run businesses, developed real estate, and I have consulted countless small business owners and entrepreneurs over the years.

Most recently, I worked with a financial advisor in Billings as Office Manager / Client Services Manager when my family moved to Montana. I was responsible for developing, implementing, measuring, and adjusting a strong (yet conservative) marketing plan, and together we increased his assets under management by over 50% in the two years that I worked for him. This past September (2015), I stepped out and decided to offer my marketing services directly to small business owners, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs.

The systems I have in place meet many of the responsibilities businesses list when searching for a digital marketing manager, and I am very flexible when it comes to specific strategies.

My focus and drive to help my clients succeed is what really sets me apart from many digital marketers. My unique combination of creativity and ability to try different ideas, combined with this nerdy love of collecting data and analyzing results are valuable assets to make sure that happens.

Some services your small business might need and want to customize or add would include regular marketing meetings, website customizations, lead capture pages with A/B testing, and PPC advertising, if you’d like. I also write HTML, CSS, and can do some JavaScript and PHP customizations.

Please call or email if you would like to talk more about it. Also, feel free to check out my social media profiles – the links are at the bottom of this page.

Tiffany Youngren, Marketing Pro and Entrepreneur

Do You Know You Need Help?

Let’s keep it simple and start with a free 30 minute consultation. That will help us figure out where to go next.

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