“The goal of our business is to help you exceed yours.”

Tiffany Youngren Owner of OMH Agency and Podcast Host

Tiffany Youngren: Team Leader

Tiffany has unique “superpowers” and expertise that will set your mind at ease as you allow her team to do their magic in your business. 

Tiffany’s Top 3 Superpowers:

  1. Action. She focuses on optimal outcomes, sets up processes to achieve them, and leads teams to the goal.
  2. Connection. She values people, and builds incredible relationships with individuals from all walks of life and levels of success.
  3. Systems. She makes sure the right things gets done, consistently and relentlessly.

“I have a passion for building up people, processes, and profits. I continue to surround myself with the most dynamic humans. I have a special interest in training up and encouraging young people (especially women) in the technology and entrepreneurial arenas. Unlike many pros with my years of experience, I embrace and appreciate the emerging generations.” ~ Tiffany


We are raving fans of our clients, and absolutely love what we do. Our clients are a huge part of their own marketing team of marketing pros, and we are honored to help. Here are the key players at the OMH office. Know that our marketing pros are also well connected with top notch collaborators that help us implement – we use companies and individuals that have similar values, vision, company culture, and are super fun to work with!

Key Team Members

MIRANDA LOPEZProduction Assistant

OMH Agency serves Real Estate Agents nationwide, and our team is across the country. Miranda is a real estate agent and marketing assistant in Los Angeles, California, and assists with Podcast Production. Miranda’s leadership, poise, and lifelong study of entrepreneurship up close has made her an invaluable team member.

TALER HILLGraphic Designer

Taler has a background in Visual Communication that she uses on her quest to be an expert in all things social media. Her past job experience has given her the edge she needed to get a leg up in content writing and marketing, and her love for learning enables to her to grow with the ever changing market.

SHARMIN SULTANAEmail Campaign Manager

Sharmin is an online marketing expert who specializes in email marketing. She’s helped clients in numerous industries set up and optimize their email marketing campaigns so that they can continue focusing on what they do best: running their business.


It is our mission to attract, team up with, and build treasured friendships with ambitious and motivated industry influencers, collaborators, and team members across the USA, in ways that makes us all more wealthy in every way through growing businesses, relationships, and ourselves. We see OMH Agency as being the premier choice as a trusted business growth advisor and valued marketing outsourced team by keeping the “main thing the main thing.” We strive to keep gratitude, curiosity, high standards, and a people-first attitude in the forefront.


We value relationships, collaboration, and giving 100%.


Value #1

Value #1: Team

Care deeply

Have fun


Value different strengths


Value #2

Value #2: Focus

Identify the Goal

Keep Your Eyes on the Target

Develop Effective Strategies



Value #3

Value #3: Being Real

Live Authentically

Communicate Transparently

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Unleash the Passion


Value #4

Value #4: Curiosity

Ask Questions

Ask More Questions

Learn Continuously



Value #5

Value #5: Results

Interpret Outcomes

Reveal Solutions

Take Massive Action

Adjust As Needed


Value #6

Value #6: Synergy

Collaboration with Clients

We are Raving Fans of Clients

Collaboration with Other Pros


“Tiffany and her team did an amazing job building our website! The process was quite simple and it is clear that she takes a ton of pride in delivering a great client experience. The site build was nice and clean, she focused on the behind-the-scenes details, and she delivered on everything in the scope of the project and then some!”


Examples of Results

Client Success Briefing – take a look at some wins to get a better understanding of how our strategies get amazing outcomes.

Here are some of the things she’s accomplished over the past couple of decades that will give you a unique edge by having her leading the team

Technical and Business Growth Wins

  • OMH Agency has, for over 3 years and with Tiffany’s leadership, helped local small businesses secure top spots on Google Search, grow Facebook following from double to triple digit percentages, and capture consistent leads using blog lead magnets and monthly email newsletters.
  • She has generated organic search results with an ad value of $1800 / month on a $300 / month budget and freedom to change the tactics over time.
  • She currently hosts OMH’s own podcasts, BreakAway Agent,, SuperPowers of Entrepreneurs, and Chat and Grow. OMH enjoys steady growth on social media and their website from these podcasts. Tiffany has interviewed leaders in a number of industries, including SEO phenom, Neil Patel, and best selling author and entrepreneur Allison Maslan.
  • She built a health-related blog and published her own book, “Better Body Wannabe,” where she interviewed and featured 12 top trainers across the country, including Olympian, Gilad, and Tammy Lee Webb (”Buns of Steel”). The book is available on Amazon.
  • Tiffany built dozens of HTML web pages, hundreds of WordPress pages, and many sales funnels.
  • She was the marketing director and support for over 15 agents at Youngren & Associates.
  • She co-founded Real Estate Investment and Development companies worth over $3.5M, and was responsible for property analysis, acquisition, management, and cost control.
  • She attracted local and international clients through one of the early IDX websites that she built in the 1990’s.
  • She co-ran a profitable alpaca ranch and breeding program.
  • She co-owned and managed a laundromat.
  • Tiffany co-owned and ran 2 drive through coffee shops in Austin, Texas.
  • She helped a Financial Advisor increase his Assets Under Management by over 54% (part time) by developing and implementing what is now known as OMH’s “Secret Sauce.”

Results-Focused Team Leadership

Tiffany has an interesting array of experiences where she has built, trained, and led some amazing people and teams in a variety of capacities. She is adaptable, has high standards, and excels at identifying the tasks necessary to achieve results, while attracting the right people to help get things done. She ….

  • Chaired a regional alpaca show with a 6-figure budget and 12 robust committees for one of it’s most successful shows ever.
  • Chaired the Mount Vernon, Washington, Chamber of Commerce’s 75th Anniversary Gala, complete with celebrity keynote speaker.
  • Founded, built, and led a 501(c)3 ministry, board, staff, and home for unwed mothers.
  • Worked as CMO and Event Promoter for an entrepreneur and coach. She also coached him to improve his video presentations.
  • Consulted dozens of small businesses and built their websites for free to support local entrepreneurs.
  • Coached a private school varsity cheer squad to their first competition.
  • Produced music programs and coached kids’ sports.
  • Sang the National Anthem countless times, and once for over 15,000 people.
  • Did PR for the 2015 Miss Montana Teen USA (one of the most active in state history).

“The two most influential mentors in my development as a leader over the years are influential global church leader and author of ‘Deliberate Simplicity,’ Dave Browning, and one of Starbucks’ original ‘systems’ creators, Paul Evanson. I continue to be heavily influenced by business, economics, and personal development books, and trainers like Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and countless others.” ~ Tiffany Youngren

Unstoppable Skills

Tiffany has been technology forward since she was a licensed insurance agent at the age of 19 and her boss sent her out of state for “intranet” claims processing training – even before the internet.

She continues to be in the forefront of strategies, tactics, and technologies to help businesses stay ahead of competitors ever since.

Because she has so many years of business development, leadership, and marketing experience with a clear focus to help whomever she is aligned with succeed, she has honed her skills and learned how to hire the right people to optimize their talents and passions.

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