OMH Agency Client Analytics Dashboard

As a client of OMH Agency, you have access to something VERY special: the client analytics dashboard portal with website, social media, email campaign, and local SEO basic analytics and HANDY LINKS to your “Big List,” post review folders, and more.

Update: This Client Portal was Discontinued and Replaced

We gave it a shot! If you are an OMH Agency client and would like a report, please contact us.

Keeping it Simple

I know that you turn to and trust us to take care of your marketing, so sometimes you just don’t want to see all the charts and numbers. Here, we’ve created a video to show you how simple and straightforward your client portal is to access and use. We have assembled only an analytics dashboard overview for you to look at to keep it from being overwhelming.

At the top right, there is a dropdown to select which dashboard you want to see.

At the top left, you can select a time frame (default is the past 30 days).

Quick Links

This may be the most helpful piece to the dashboard for you. We customized your very own dashboard to include links to your

  • Big List
  • Blog Post Review folder
  • Social Media Post folder
  • Website Change Request document (IF you subscribe to monthly website management)
  • And More!

Secret Sauce Clients

You have access to the following:

1. Social Media

Basic Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn analytics (if we manage all 3 for you).

2. Email Campaigns

One dashboard shows you the overview of your campaigns, then there is an archive pull-down that gives you historical information on past campaigns (page scrolls oldest to newest)

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Clients

You can view the following:

1. SERPS: Search Engine Results Page rank (note: this is not as accurate as looking up search results on Google, but good for watching trends)

2. Directory Listings Submitted (scroll oldest to newest)

3. Photo Listings Submitted (oldest to newest)

4. Video Listings Submitted (using images)

5. Website Landing Pages, as provided by Google Analytics

6. Social Referrers

7. Coming soon: Guest Posts Links