I Hate Facebook Messenger.

Not really. Ok, that may have been true in the past, but hear me out.

Does your heart sink when you log into Facebook Business on your desktop to check on things and find a day or two old message from a prospective client on Messenger? Mine does – and I’m a Facebook marketer!!  The whole thing is so frustrating, because I check mobile notifications and quickly respond ….. But that’s WHEN I get a mobile notification, which doesn’t always happen.

How to Make More Sales With Facebook – With LESS Work (For Real)

Growth does not have to mean struggle. Let me show you how.

When someone contacts you on Facebook (heck, that’s your whole goal – it’s why you have a Facebook Page in the first place and why you and promote your business and real estate listings on social media), how many MINUTES do you have to lose in response time before a lead moves on to the next real estate agent?

This is the best time EVER for you to really expand your business like crazy. It’s a terrible time to fall down on something as important (and simple) as getting back to people.

A Common Sense Approach

It really comes down to something that is purely common sense: we have to consistently respond quickly to leads, even on Facebook Messenger (I’d argue – especially on Messenger). Beyond that – for guaranteed sales from Facebook leads, we have to provide HELPFUL information to them … right away.

Take a look at the last message you missed or were slow to respond to in Messenger – were you able to salvage the deal or did they work with another agent?

Does Facebook Even Matter?

Believe it or not, Facebook still a social giant!! According to a report by Social Examiner, Facebook is the “most important” social media platform, with over 1.2 billion monthly active users, and 44% of consumers say Facebook influences their shopping.

Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app by number of downloads and the main Facebook app is second on the list.

Don’t leave such easy and abundant money on the table.

You simply can’t afford to let your well built brand slip on such an important channel.

Instead – get emails from Messenger letting  you know that you have a lead waiting for you to respond.

Do You Know the Secret Handshake?

Here’s another rub: Facebook (and Messenger) seems to change more often than interest rates, and who’s got time to do the “secret handshake” to find and follow up on messages – especially if you’re going to take the time and be super helpful every time you have to respond?

I’m about to tell you about a real estate chat bot. Sound weird? It’s not. A chat bot also does NOT remove you from the equation – far from it!

Marketing Agencies, Like Used Car Salesmen

Sound Familiar? Me too.

I’ve hired many people and outsourced marketers over a couple decades, often to only have been disappointed by big promises and lackluster (or crappy) delivery. I’ve experienced it as a real estate agent, business owner, AND even as a marketing agency owner. What sucks the most when it happens (besides the crushing blow of losing thousands of dollars) is that the job was done poorly, which reflected on us. Then, to add insult to injury, we had to do it all over again to meet our standards. But, I couldn’t just fold up and say, “hey, it’s really too hard, even for someone who knows how to build amazing websites, to hire a good web developer, so now we just can’t build websites.” HECK NO!! We had no other choice than to find amazing team members, which we have done, to help our clients get more business.

I Didn’t Give Up. You Can’t Either!

I’ve run both a successful real estate business and a marketing agency – and they have so much in common. We both fight stereotypes and the bad reputations others in our  industry put into our clients’ minds, based on past experiences. The biggest dig was a few months ago when someone told me that marketers are like used car salesmen – I felt like I was back in real estate at that moment for sure!! We both know that is not the truth for many REALTORS, marketers, and hey, even used car salesmen.

But tell me this – what happens to your brand and your ability to convert Facebook leads into sales  if you continue to miss Facebook Messenger messages on your business or professional page?

How to Increase the ROI on Money You’re Already Spending

You (hopefully) invest thousands of dollars, or if you do it all yourself you put hundreds of hours into drumming upwards of tens of thousands of dollars worth of commissions on Facebook. You are so committed to call referrals, Zillow, REALTOR.com, and other leads back quickly, so how does it feel to watch them slip through your fingers on Facebook, a place with so much money on the table?

How long can you afford to put resources into it and simply not follow up like you normally do?

Is a slow response something that is acceptable for your brand, whether your personal or professional brand?

The solution: LeadGrab, the QuickAssist Real Estate Chat Bot for Facebook

LeadGrab is a straightforward solution to combine automation with personal touch to convert more leads on a major marketing platform with proven results – we all know that agents all over the world get clients on Facebook.

Imagine getting more clients with less effort …. while avoiding the embarrassment of responding slowly while building your brand as one that consistently responds quickly.

How LeadGrab Works

Our team takes your Facebook Page, connects it to ManyChat, attaches a well-thought template of responses, lead qualifying questions, and we can customize it to YOUR business.

This ISN’T about plopping an automated piece of personality lacking technology to your brand. It also BY NO MEANS replaces your personal touch. Online strategies never will.

This IS teaming up with OMH Agency to develop a transparent, automated chat system that is built for YOUR brand and makes sense to your priorities, needs, and voice.

A Rare Opportunity for a Shorter Line to Competitive Advantage

There is also an incredibly potent COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE that you’ll get (and in such a crowded industry, this is quite unique)!! Only 31% of businesses use Facebook Messenger. I talk to a lot of agents, office owners, and managers, and one thing is consistent: most of them “don’t like Facebook,” know they need to use it, but struggle to keep up on the latest updates – and Messenger drives us ALL crazy!!

Well, until now.

Why We Love this Automation / Personal Touch Bot Blend (and You Should Too)

Those of us who have embraced bots LOVE that

  1. Visitors (potential clients) know it’s a real estate chat bot helping them right away (consistent with our desire for transparency and authenticity)
  2. Visitors (potential clients) have the option of being helped right away or waiting to talk to a human
  3. Visitors (potential clients) can get answers to common questions IMMEDIATELY, creating a perception of a priority on a high level of client care
  4. The “bot” (LeadGrab) can send a message directly to you using email, a much more streamlined approach using existing, easier to track and reply to, communication lines
  5. When you get back to the customers, they are already happier that they would have been had they not gotten an immediate response
  6. Your business Facebook Page shows a quick response rate on Messenger
  7. You can nurture leads and setup broadcast messages through ManyChat in a way similar to email campaigns – except with obscenely higher open rates

The Best is Yet to Come

Full disclosure: we are confident that you are going to be so pleased with the the level of service and conversion improvement you’ll experience – and you’ll be so relieved to find a marketing company that you can trust, one that is so driven to be part of YOU meeting your goals, building your brand, and flat out closing more deals – that you’ll want to team up with us on getting your whole marketing strategy to stay consistently on track (even as you get busier and business booms).

We work on your marketing like it’s our own business we’re trying to grow. We don’t charge based on a percentage, but we are driven as if we are paid for performance.

LeadGrab is a great way for you to try us out and see that we know our stuff, think about your success all the time, communicate with you, and deliver what we promise.

There’s so much more we can team up and accomplish!!!

NEXT STEP: Get started.

Step 1 Choose a CUSTOM or STANDARD LeadGrab build.

If you want buyers to get updated examples of properties that match what they are looking for, or if you want to customize responses, you’ll want a custom build.

Standard Build

A new visitor is asked whether he is buying a home, selling, or if he is a real estate agent.

Sellers are asked questions to pre-qualify and gather contact information to prepare you for your phone call.

Buyers are asked more in depth questions (but made easier and more helpful to you, as many offer easy-click, multiple choice answers). They are given 3 areas to choose from, 3 main price ranges, and 3 property types.

Realtors are also asked some questions and reminded that, to be a better fit on your team, the work culture is important; if the potential recruit is only interested in money, then you may not be a match. They’re then prompted to send referrals your way!

All 3 contact types are asked for their phone numbers and email addresses.

The beauty of this real estate chat bot is that you are then sent their information by EMAIL and through your own MESSENGER app! This avoids any leads falling through the cracks.

Custom Build

A custom build real estate chat bot includes everything in the Standard Build PLUS your buyers leads will be “wowed” with suggested listings based on the preferences they provide.

Another main difference is that we do the testing for Custom builds. To give you the opportunity to save money, we let you do the testing for a Basic setup.

Once you know which setup option you prefer, select a level of service you’d like from us for monthly services. The setup prices are based on a 1-year contract for ongoing services of your choice.

Step 2 – Choose a monthly assistance level.

All levels include maintenance of Premium ManyChat subscription and basic reporting.

Options for a Basic Real Estate Chat Bot Build

  • Basic Monthly: Monthly management of Premium ManyChat subscription, basic reporting, a 1/2 hour monthly consultation call with OMH Rep, and minor (less than 1 hour) simple changes each month.
  • Lead Nurturing: What makes this real estate chat bot option so special is that you have our social media specialist re-engaging your contact list with a question each week, followed by a newsletter! The thing about this campaign is that, once more than 24 hours has passed since your lead has made contact with you, you must re-engage her WITHOUT soliciting anything; you may only send a bulk message out to contacts who have communicated with you in the last 24 hours! With the Lead Nurturing option, you also get up to 2 hours for a phone consultation with your Account Manager or other OMH rep, and up to 1 hours of simple development / automation changes that you request. BONUS features in Lead Nurturing is up to 10 hours per month engaging your list with questions to re-engage dormant contacts and sending broadcasts to qualified contacts – which is done several times throughout the month.

Options for a Custom Build

  • Search Results: Each month, we update the results Listing Suggestions in the Home Search for buyers. Included in this scope are 36 listings in 3 areas. You also get 2 hour per month making adjustments to the automations that you request, and up to 2 hours per month phone consultations. Monthly management of Premium ManyChat subscription, basic reporting, a 1/2 hour monthly consultation call with OMH Rep, and minor changes each month. 
  • Platinum: We partner with you to really get everything you can get out of your Facebook Messenger Marketing. In addition to keeping up with your 36 listings every month, you get nurturing services where we re-engage your contacts and send a bulk message each week. Your team is a very important piece to the success of this, so we talk with you up to 4 times each month for up to 2 hours per call.

The phone consultations can be used for any marketing topic! Appointments are easily scheduled – you just let us know how long you’d like it and we’ll send you a handy link to set it up!!

What you end up with is like an assistant. It’s a real estate chat bot that takes a really good message and makes sure that you get it – just how you want it!