Business Development Expert Expansion Guide.

This article contains excerpts from the Industry Specific Workbook.

Our Proprietary “Irresistible Offer” Prospecting System

Here’s an overview of my secret to making sh*t happen. It’s pretty detailed, so if you feel overwhelmed at any time while reading it, reach out and I’ll go through it with you. It’s not a system that busy industry influencers will do themselves, but before you bring us on to help, you’ll want to have a fundamental understanding of how (and why) it works so powerfully. It’s pretty cool, and works like a machine.

What the “Expert Expansion Formula” is:

It is a very robust marketing AND prospecting system that you can use to secure the top talent as part of your team, high value clients, or people who influence others to buy your services or products.

Plus,  you get quite a bit of authority and brand-building marketing done as a bi-product of our proprietary process.

Marketing and advertising gets you leads….. But ….

This Proven System Gets You WINS.

When you put leads in the front end, the system is tweaked until it grows from 5% to upwards of 25% of all those cold leads turn into first meetings / consultations.

I and my team can work with you on this. You can stop reading at any time and schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

The Secret and Why It Works: 

1. High Tech + High Touch = High Conversion Rates

We leverage time and resources with technology, but we check, create, and manage communications manually. The result is that more cold leads turn into warm leads – complete with a qualifying application and initial meeting.

2. Prospects are led to an Irresistible Offer with Extremely High Perceived Value with Strategically Placed, Valuable Lead Magnets along the way.

There is a main offer has value, as perceived by the PROSPECT,  of hundreds or thousands of dollars. The lead magnets have a perceived value of over $50 each. Your prospects come to see you as a generous and knowledgeable resource they can count on. We use a podcast interview, but we’ll share other main offers you can use.

Here come some details. Remember – you can put this down at any time and set up a free 30 minute consultation so we can walk you through it so you can see more clearly exactly how it would work for you.

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Part 1: The Irresistible Offer

Before the Business Development comes the Plan.

There are 3 TYPES of Irresistible Offers for this Program:

  1. The Big One. This is something your contacts are willing to give you a good deal of information, and in return, gets something they perceive as being of high value ($500 – $3,000). Again – the value is based on THEIR perception. We recommend developing 1 of these offers.
  2. Lead Magnets. These are downloads, guides, checklists, worksheets, videos, quick meetings, etc. that have a mid-level perceived value ($50-$250). These are used to nurture existing contacts and keep them engaged. We recommend 3-5 of these offers.
  3. Value Based Content. This is what will attract and engage brand new visitors to your brand on any platform. Your audience should appreciate the articles, videos, infographics, or other content as answering his/her question right now, unimpeded by a tripwire (aka: they don’t have to enter their email address to enjoy it). This type of content should be created ongoing, and often can be derived as a bi-product of “The Big One.”

[OFFER #1] The Big One (At Least 1 Per Audience Segment

You have many options when it comes to the format of your”Big One” – the MAIN Irresistible Offer. The most important things about it are

  1. It should be of HIGH perceived value to the USER. In other words, if someone new to you hears about the offer, he/she should feel there is a value of over $100. So, you create it once and deliver it countless times – which justifies investing time and money into making it a good one.
  2. It should be something most people who qualify as an ideal client needs right now.
  3. It should be an easy “Yes.”

Some Big Offer Examples:

  • Podcast Interview Guest Opportunity*
  • Vlog (video blog) Interview Guest Opportunity*
  • Online Training / Video Series
  • Webinar

*These are very effective when your ideal prospects are the people you interview and they get some promotion out of it.

[OFFER #2] Lead Magnets: At Least 3 Per Audience Segment

Each audience segment, client type, ideal team member recruit avatar, is considered an Audience Segment and should have it’s own CATEGORY.

It is best to create AT LEAST 3 Lead Magnets for each Category / Audience Segment. They are used for different purposes:

  • Attract new Leads. With a Lead Magnet, usually, you’ll ask just for the email address – or email address + name. At this level, you want MORE leads. Just keep in mind that, while a lead magnet attracts targeted leads, your “Big One” offer filters for more QUALIFIED leads.
  • Convert Leads to Qualified Prospects. As you’re reaching out to your prospects to get more information in exchange for your “Big One” Irresistible Offer, use your lead magnets to continue to provide high value along the way.
  • Provide helpful information to Clients (and get Referrals). Don’t forget the people who mean the most to you! Your clients will love getting helpful tools and resources – and your Lead Magnet can be a powerful tool that your clients can use and share. It makes their job of referring you so much easier.
    • Example 1 Referral: “Hey, you should use my friend______________ for your ______________  needs. He/she is amazing!”
    • Example 2 Referral: “Hey, I just heard that you are dreading finding a ….. Would it help to use this checklist my guy/gal …. Gives out for free? Here it is! His/her contact info is right on it, he/she will go through it with you if you need more help than that.”

Sending out emails that contain a Lead Magnet makes it even easier for your clients to send you referrals  – they can just forward that free, high value giveaway to a friend!

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Part 2: Industry Research and Ideas

This section contains place holders to give you an idea of what is included with our Industry Specific Planner.

Irresistible Offer Research & Ideas for xxINDUSTRYxx

Value Based Content: Categorize by Audience Segment

This is where your ongoing podcast, video, blog, social media posts, images, research, and email newsletters come in.

When you break your content into Categories by Audience Segment (<< an Audience Worksheet is included with the Industry Specific Planner for the business development Expert Expansion Formula), you are better equipped to provide the RIGHT content for the needs of the audience right in front of you.

Irresistible Offer Research and Ideas for xxINDUSTRYxx


Google search keywords give you ideas for content. By having knowledge of the terms that people are searching for, you can develop Irresistible Offers based on actual market needs.

These keywords assume that you are looking for experienced team members and/or higher ticket clients.

Not all topics are suitable for you. 

As you consider topics, filter out any keywords that would not attract the right audience.

As you read through both Keywords and Questions Asked, be thinking about possible guides, downloads, worksheets, videos, podcast episodes, and ideal clients to call based on what you see people are looking for.


A Note on SEO Keywords for Blog Posts, Website Pages, and Videos

Successful “Focus Keywords” that are important to SEO (for blog posts and videos, for example) should have traffic between 800-5,000 (1,200-2,000 is our sweet spot – very targeted). You’ll find that many keyword phrases are very similar to others – repeating keyword phrases are great, and you can see excellent results for content with 800-1200 visitors per month – because the total traffic is more realistically the total traffic for all of the similar keywords.

Curated Keyword Snapshot

Here is a curated list of keywords I pulled when I created this guide. ~ Tiffany Youngren

Keyword /Volume /Keyword Difficulty /
xxDetails available on Planner

Example Questions That Your Audience Asks 

Based on Actual Questions

Here are some top answered questions people are asking on Quora


Here are popular discussions on Reddit


Pod / Vlog Ideas

Use keywords to determine the best topics for recruiting talent as well as attracting the best clients. Note: Some articles will be found by people from the category the post wasn’t written for – and that’s a GOOD thing! It means the content is compelling.

Use the Keywords to Plan

As you go through the keyword list, sort them into the two overarching categories. 

  • Recruit Team Members – Keywords for people looking into a career in your field go here.
  • Attract Clients – Keywords for people who are looking for businesses in your industry, information about your industry, and solutions to their problems that you could solve go here.

We have enjoyed a great level of success by interviewing our Ideal Client Prospects for a podcast and re-using that content as social media, blog, and email content.Ideal Client or Ideal Recruit Podcast or Video Interviews

There are THREE reasons we love this approach.

  1. You build deeper relationships with people who were just recently Cold Leads.
  2. It allows you to very easily pre-qualify your prospective clients or recruits.
  3. The output (the videos/podcast episodes) is secondary, and typically serves as content for “starter” clients or recruits who don’t yet qualify for your most profitable services, but you can guide them through the process of becoming ideal prospects for the higher levels of service – or becoming an ideal recruit.
    1. Example 1: a podcast listener who does not have enough experience to work for you can connect with you early in his/her career. With your ongoing influence that is highly time leveraged through the podcast, this listener could blossom into one of your best employees. However, the person you interview has become like a friend through the process, and is an ideal recruit today.
    2. Example 2: a podcast listener who is not ready for your services can continue to listen to the podcast, watch your videos, and follow you on Instagram, building his/her admiration for you and drive to become great in the field. This is a great future candidate – someone who learns, and already respects you and what you have to say. The podcast guest whom you interview would be an ideal client today, and the process has built a unique relationship that your amazing sales skills will convert into one of your best repeat and referring clients.

Here are some types of interviews you could use for your Pod (podcast) or Vlog (video blog) format:

Types of Interviews:

You can absolutely turn any of these types into interviews with your best prospects.

#1: Industry Centric

Note: the titles are used as an example only, to help you get your creative juices flowing! 

  • xxIDEAS

#2: Shared Interest

If you have an interest that you can monetize and convert into a way to attract like-minded clients, this is your time to do it.

  • Travel, Recreation, Hobbies: 
  • Values: If your faith is a cornerstone of your business and you want to get to know more people who have this in common, you can turn it into a podcast.
  • Family Status
  • Shared Previous Occupation
  • Feature people occupations that are common in your target audience

#3: Location / Home Town

  • I love my town: feature ideal clients around town and identify a common thread

Note: if you have trouble connecting how you can make it happen,or want to get started with developing your Client Avatar and Before and After Grid, set up a Power Meeting and note the section you’d like to talk about.

Market Specific Celebrities

Another approach would be to feature people whom your target audience deem as CELEBRITIES. They can be local, in an industry, or specific to your audience in some other way.

Who do your IDEAL CLIENT PROSPECTS view as “celebrities” in YOUR AREA or in THEIR CIRCLES?


Be creative! Your topic could be a dry overview of what you do …. Or you could really ENGAGE your target audience.

If they wanted to hear all the ins and outs of your industry, they could do it themselves.

On the other hand, if your clients want to try to do it themselves before spending the money to hire you, that is a good time to give them ALL the information you have on the topic.

By empowering them with all your “secrets,” they’ll see how much time it takes just to figure out that it’s going to take more time just to learn what you do, and you clearly know your stuff and are confident enough to give it to them, so YOU become THE premier authority in their eyes.

Example: Now that you’ve read this guide, do you feel that you have the time, systems, and want-to to manage your marketing and prospecting? If you decide to hire someone to help, who is “top of mind” for you at this moment as a marketing services resource to consider? 😉

Keep in mind that – regardless of the type of interview – have your Ideal Client Avatar / Persona / Before and After Grid in front of you when developing an interview format. << These worksheets are included with the Industry Specific Workbook for effective business development.

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Part 3: The Plan

What’ll YOUR Pod/Vlog Look Like?

(Pod = Podcast / Vlog = Video Blog)

Our Exclusive Irresistible Prospecting System works best with an Interview Style general format where you interview your ideal clients or people they look up to, but it can be customized to work with other formats as well.

> Excerpts here are from our FREE Expert Expansion Formula Initial Planner (click here to access it right now).

What is YOUR Desired Outcome

What do you want to get out of creating and promoting this offer?


Select the quality and budget level for your project.

When OMH Agency helps – we assist with production at every level. Beyond the Start / Testing Phase, we bring on added help from the best options in the industry.Production Quality

Ideal Audience

> Avatar Available with the Workbook

Will You Use this to Attract Clients or Recruit Team Members?

Is the purpose to expand your client base or bring in more employees or other team members?

◯ Clients ◯ Recruits



Would Your Pod/Vlog Audience be Ideal Clients or Entry Level?

If you INTERVIEW your ideal clients, your AUDIENCE is likely your Entry Level Clients or Recruits. Otherwise, your audience could be either.

◯ Ideal Clients or Recruits ◯ Entry Level Clients or Recruits

Their Pain


The Outcome that You Promise Them


What is the Solution that You Are Offering Your Audience?


Top Questions

What are the questions you get asked THE MOST by clients and prospects? 

Top Questions Clients Ask


Top Questions Prospects Ask


Biggest Obstacles / Problems Ideal Prospects Face

What are the biggest issues that your best potential clients are dealing with right now?

  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________
  5. __________________
  6. __________________
  7. __________________
  8. __________________
  9. __________________
  10. __________________

What are EXTREMELY VALUABLE Solutions for Them?

What are some things of HIGH VALUE that you could do for or give to your BEST prospects to solve those problems RIGHT NOW? Be aggressive …..

  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________
  5. __________________
  6. __________________
  7. __________________
  8. __________________
  9. __________________
  10. __________________

Where Will You Get Your Leads?

What are ways you can get at least 1,000 leads within 30 days that meet the minimum criteria to be an ideal prospect?


Your Next Step

Get a Downloadable Copy of this M+P Expert Expansion Formula PREP and PLANNING Workbook for Killer Business Development

Before Business Development is the PLAN. Use the PREP worksheet  to get clarity and the PLANNING checklist to line get started. Research Included!

  • Keyword Research for YOUR industry!
  • A list of questions people are asking and discussion topics for YOUR industry!
  • Topic ideas
  • Guest ideas

The Prep and Planning Workbook is just $149

Save hundreds off data that can cost otherwise as much as $2500!!

Once you receive the plan, you can have us walk us through it with you.

Keywords for Topics, Popular Questions About Your Industries, and Ideas Are Available for the Following Industries:

Get Research and Ideas for one of the Following Industries
Attorneys and Law FirmsBusiness BanksMortgage LendersCommercial Builders
RoofersBuilding MaterialsAuto BodyCar Dealers
REALTORS®Real Estate Office Owners and Team LeadersReal Estate InvestorsRental Management Companies
Architects and Architectural FirmsInterior or Landscaping  Design ServicesFinancial Advisors and PlannersNursing Homes
Product WholesalersSmall AirlinesChartered CruisesTravel Concierges


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