Are You Determined?

If you are a driven and committed entrepreneur with an established book of business, let’s talk. We can review

• Your Challenges •
• Your Desired Outcomes •
• Next Steps •

We are both busy. We promise to give you great value – you just need to promise to show up for the call. Let’s start with a Free Consultation Readiness Assessment.

The First Step to Working Together is the Initial Business Development Strategy Call.

The first thing is to request a free Business Development Strategy Call so we can see if we both see potential in working together, and you can familiarize us with what you have going on.

  1. ABOUT YOU. First I’d like to get to know more about your business and get a sense of whether we can help. What we offer is not for everyone, so it’s good to get a feel for whether we’re a good fit for each other. Would you agree?
  2. CHALLENGES. Next, we’ll review your challenges, your vision for the future, and identify gaps so we can get a good idea of what you need. 
  3. DREAMS. We need to know what your ideal outcome is.
  4. SOLUTIONS. Then, I’ll share the solutions with you to get you make those dreams come true. 
  5. ACTION. If I provide a solution that makes sense to achieve your ideal outcome, are you prepared to take action?

I want to make sure that we have everything that we need to get the absolute most out of it to really optimize that 45 minutes. One powerful tool is preparation.

As soon as you click the link below, you’ll answer some questions to help me prepare for the call, and then you’ll be sent straight to the appointment scheduler to block out a time that works well for you.

3 Possible Outcomes After the Business Development Strategy Call

Strategic Blueprint

This is the recommended path. Once we determine we are a good fit for each other, we work with you to map out a plan for your business growth for the coming year.

PHASE 1 of OUR 3 PHASE Breakthrough System
5 Week Process Working Closely Together.

Innovative Shift MasterMind

Once you begin the Blueprint process, you can also join our Innovative Shift Mastermind to get even more support to strengthen your business.

Limited Availability – No Additional Investment.

Another Route

It is possible that one of us determines it best to go another route, in which case we wish you well – you can keep what we gave you so far.

With no obligation to continue, you’ll still get value.

All That We Ask Prior to Scheduling a Business Development Strategy is This:

So I actually have, four very simple requirements to qualify you for this call, and they’re gonna make total sense to you.

#1 You Are the Decision Maker

Number one, you must be the decision maker. Just like if you were having a consultation with someone, you want to be meeting with the person who is making the decision. 

#2 You Want More Money, Ideal Clients, and Time

The second thing is, is you must want sales growth and care about how it happens. I love helping visionary business pros, but I don’t know how to talk to people who don’t want to grow their business. I mean, I know how to talk to them about food or restaurants, but when it comes to marketing or growth, you have to want to grow your sales. 

#3 Be Ready for Action

You also must be ready to take action. I know what it’s like. You are bombarded with things. You have business to run. You have phone calls. You have appointments. If you meet with me for 45 minutes and you know that what you’re looking at makes sense, you need to be prepared to take action.

If you feel we’re not a good fit for you (or vice versa), then that action can still be taken.

#4 MOST IMPORTANT! Once you make the Initial Business Development Strategy consultation appointment – be sure to show up. Don’t let us be more determined than you are to grow your business.

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