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We’ll also send you a Client Persona / Avatar Worksheet.

3 Easy Steps: (1) enter your name/email address; (2) complete the prep questionnaire, (3) schedule the 30 minute call.

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Let’s figure out your next steps.

Here at OMH, we can help you some or we can help you a lot. So, set up a call. When we spend 30 minutes on the phone … my 30 minutes, I am protective of, just like you are. And so I want to make sure that we have everything that we can get to get the absolute most, again optimizing that 30 minutes. As soon as you go to the link I’m about to provide to you, you’re gonna answer some questions to help me prepare for the call and then, you’re gonna go straight to the appointment scheduler.

Before the Call

We’ll Send the Worksheets that We’ll Cover During the Call

You don’t have to do anything with them – they are simply for your reference. You’ll get to keep them afterwards!

After your appointment is scheduled, I’m gonna send you access to our signature Unified Marketing Checklist and ROI Calculator, both I’m going to customize and create just for you. So it won’t happen immediately, but you will get it, and you’ll get it directly from me.

You’ll also get a client avatar worksheet to help you identify your ideal clients. Now, it’s not something we’re gonna cover on the call, but it’s something that’s useful, and if we do take the next step after the phone call, it’s something that will be a tool that we will refer to.

After the Call

You are going to have a clear view of your customized growth team scorecard.

The key indicators on your unified marketing checklist, we will have completed a portion, if not all, of your marketing ROI calculator.

Right now, I’m talking about an absolutely free consultation. I don’t know if I mentioned that, it probably sounds like it’s super expensive.

Here are the three possible outcomes from the phone call.

Option 1: You hate what we give you

This,  honestly has absolutely never happened, but it’s a choice that you have.

Option 2: You Love it and Take Action In House

The second is that you love what I give to you and you take it and you do something with it with your team.

Option 3: You Love it and We Team Up!

This is my favorite option.

The third outcome is that you love the value, everything I’ve told you, OMH is a team, I’m someone that you can trust and want to move forward and grow your business. And I’m confident that we can help you move forward.

And, when anyone in your market looks online, I want them to see you right away.

So the option number three is that you love the value that you get, you set up a time to proceed with a first step service to try us out.

Next Steps After the Call

After this step you can decide if you want to continue with our team. There are absolutely no contracts, we mean it when we say we want to be your new best friend and business development partner.

My 3 Requirements for You

To Qualify for the Free Strategy Call / Unified Marketing Review

Now, like I said before, this call is absolutely free. So you get 30 minutes, and I mean … the value is incredible. So I actually have, four very simple requirements to qualify you for this call, and they’re gonna make total sense to you.

#1: You must be the decision maker.

Just like if you were having a listing appointment with someone, you want to be meeting with the person who is making the decision.

#2: You must want sales growth.

I love real estate, but I don’t know how to talk to people who don’t want to grow their business. So I know how to talk to them about food or restaurants, but when it comes to marketing or growth, you have to want to grow your sales.

#3: You also must know your marketing budget.

It’s important to know your numbers.

#4: You also must be ready to take action.

I know what it’s like. You are bombarded with things. You have business running, you have phone calls, you have appointments. If you meet with me for 30 minutes and you know that what you’re looking at makes sense, you need to be prepared to take action.

This isn’t a high pressure sales. I’ve never been one of those people.

I am the person backing you up, going, “Hey, let’s make this happen.”

And it starts from the first call. But when we get on the call … I just know how busy life can be. You need to be ready to take action when we talk. So let’s get started.