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Is it Worth it to Invest in Marketing to Grow My Real Estate Sales?

Most of the numbers you need to know are easy. A couple will take a little thought, but the calculator will help! Enter your email, complete a questionnaire, and we’ll create a CUSTOM Marketing ROI worksheet for you to use and edit as you please to try out various scenarios.

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Lifetime Value of Clients

When you get a new client, your revenue is not usually just the value of one transaction. This ROI calculator asks you a couple of simple questions (how many transactions each of your clients usually do through you AND how many clients are typically referred by them). These are numbers you should know – regardless of whether you invest in marketing or not.

How Much Does it cost for Marketing Online?

It depends – are you too busy to do the marketing yourself? For full marketing – from website conversion and content, to ads – if you really want to bring 1-2 clients per month in year 2 (that’s 12-24 clients), then you’ll want to budget $3,500 to $25,000 per month. You could get “Starter” real estate, full “Secret Sauce” content-forward inbound marketing done for you for $1174.

Is it worth the price to invest in marketing?

Get access to a custom return on investment (Marketing ROI) Calculator to test the numbers. It will also help you identify your Clients’ Lifetime Value!

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