How to Start a Podcast

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Podcast.

Are you too busy to podcast? Perfect. That means you’ve got what it takes to attract an audience. Our proven system starts simple and ramps up as your following grows. Start with our free guide that shows you how to start a podcast, and then a consultation with experienced podcast host and automation queen, Tiffany Youngren.

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[FREE] The Ultimate Guide:
How to Start a Podcast that Works as Hard as You Do

There is a huge difference between recording then posting a podcast and using it as a powerful tool to build relationships with your best prospective clients while you build an audience who sees you as a trusted source in your industry. We focus on the latter. Discover our approach by downloading this free “How to Start a Podcast” guide.

Once you take a look at the guide, if you are too busy to run a podcast, set up a free Podcast Consultation with OMH owner and BreakAway Agent podcast host, Tiffany Youngren, to discover how to have it all for just a day a month of your time. You can also ask about how to develop a precision, lead generating, and audience building podcast customized to your own, specific desired outcomes, audience segments, and personality.

How a Podcast and Vlog Can Set You Apart in Even the Most Competitive Market!

This guide to starting a podcast is complete and concise enough for you to take massive action.  If it gets you on track for Podcast Preeminence, then it has done its job!

This Podcasting Guide Covers Things That Will

  1. Show you how to get customers through podcast marketing.
  2. Illustrate how podcasting could be one of your new favorite things to do in your business.
  3. Help you build the most amazing relationships through podcasting.

The Why and How of It

Why Podcast Marketing is the Best Tool to Give You Traction

2019 studies show that Facebook use is going down, but online audio – and especially YouTube – are skyrocketing.

70% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 64% in 2018 and 144 million of the US population has listened to a podcast, a 7% increase from 2018 to 2019. That is a huge jump in one short year.

If your target audience is higher income, over 45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income over $75k, compared to the 35% of the total US population with that income. Click here for more podcast statistics.

Some of the benefits of a podcast:

  • Build your reputation and authority
  • Contribute with valuable information to your listeners
  • Grow a tribe of raving fans!!

But, as you look around, how many leaders in your market – in  your industry – are taking advantage of this groundbreaking opportunity?

Re-purposed and Micro-Content

This is really what sets fru-fru, wasteful podcasts apart from really amazing, relationship building podcasts that establish you as the authority and attract your very best new clients.

Once you record your podcast using both video and audio, it can be reformatted, optimized, and re-used to build your audience, following, and relationships all over the internet!!

There are so many opportunities:

  • Drive traffic and followers by breaking the recording into clips for social media feed posts
  • Create even more social posts with “behind the scenes” photos and build up
  • Go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and/or other apps recording day
  • Build additional social content with images, text, and links to show notes from the content
  • Engage followers with Instagram and Facebook Stories made from media clips
  • Emerge on YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) with a vlog created from your podcast
  • Move your website up Google searches with show note blog posts
  • Build your audience with daily Alexa Flash Briefings from clips
  • Capture leads from this wide variety of platforms
  • Cross promote with tags and check-ins

All that content comes from just one episode! Then, build momentum and algorithm authority with consistent episodes.

Now is the BEST time to capitalize on this moment in time. You are early enough to be able to position yourself ahead of the pack, but podcasts and videos are popular enough to build a solid following.


Let’s Start Creating a Podcast that Works

Take advantage of our systems and skilled team to get the help you need – from guest management, production, and syndication through content editing, optimization, re-purposing, posting, and promoting. Once you download the free guide, then request a FREE Podcast Consultation!

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