Stats are inherently boring. No one wants to lead a long list of blah blah facts.

But you can change that — all you have to do is slap on some fancy images and make the data pretty to look at. All of a sudden, it becomes 3x more likely to get shared or liked than any other type of content on the web!

That’s the power of an infographic.

Classic infographics, however, are old news. Because they became one of the biggest social media marketing trends over the last couple years, everybody’s got them. You see them all the time… filling your Twitter feed, shared all over FaceBook, and populating LinkedIn.

So what can you do to stand out?

Enter the interactive infographic (IG) — the hottest trend in visual content. If you want to get your potential clients attention, this is the new age way to do it.

We’re going to give you the low-down on this fun and engaging visual marketing tool. Let’s talk about the what, why, and how of interactive IGs so you can start using them to generate leads today.

Meet the Interactive Infographic in 2017

Here are the deets on your latest visual content godsend. We’re going to cover what they are, why they work so well, and how to create them.

What are They

So what makes interactive infographics different? By definition, an IG is a visual representation of information that gives viewers the ability to interact with the data.

They give something to the viewer that most visual content doesn’t — interaction. This interaction can happen in various ways, but most commonly it happens on mouse over or by click.

When the reader makes the move, the data is suddenly presented to them. Usually, it’s through a fun animation.

Why They’re Powerful

Today’s marketers are embracing the power of inbound marketing. Content creation is more popular, and also more useful than it’s ever been before.

Thanks to content creation and the internet, leads are coming right to companies who are using it right! Businesses are creating brand awareness, better search engine rankings, and character by embracing their content.

Among content, visual content continues to impact audiences in a way that can’t be ignored.

There’s a reason the use of visual content used by marketers increased by 130% over the course of a year! Because it works.

This new found enthusiasm for visuals, however, has created hot competition among marketers. There is a constant need to create better, more exciting visual content for readers.

An interactive infographic is the latest way to do that. It offers a personal experience to help drive results. You, too, can get ahead of the competition by using this crafty content.

Here’s how.

How to Use Them

These are our tips to make sure your interactive IG stands out… and is also super effective. It’s key to have different types of interactions. They’ll all work together to keep your reader interested and engaged.

  • Use Scrolling Effects

This is a neat and easy way to engage with users. All they have to do is scroll a little, and they get presented with fun animations and transitions as they work their way down the page.

Keep them guessing by not displaying all the information at once.

The effect benefits you too. Readers feel driven to finish what they started and get drawn into the story you’ve created.

  • Highlight on Click or Roll Over

When the user clicks on an animation or rolls over it with their mouse, light it up.

This effect is especially useful when you’re displaying a ton of information. It helps break it down and make it more digestible for your reader, only displaying a piece at a time when they choose to view it.

  • Play Hide and Seek

Hiding information until a user interacts with an animation is a great way to keep them engaged.

Label objects or uses clear depictions that allude to what is hidden. The more enticing, the better!

This technique is also useful for enhancing the overall user experience. If they aren’t interested in reading a certain fact, they don’t even have to see it! Readers can jump to the content they’re interested in and forget about being overwhelmed by the rest.

  • Get Personal

Everyone loves a personalized experience! This tactic only works for specific types of data, but it’s the most interactive technique you can use.

Basically, the reader enters their own information into the IG and this changes the displayed information on their screen. If they enter in new information, the IG changes again.

For example, a weight loss website could have an IG where the user enters in their weight, and it displays a comparison of the user to the average North American.

This unique tactic doesn’t just get your user interacting, it gives them a completely personal experience that’ll be different from anyone viewing the same content.

  • Paginate

Your IG doesn’t all have to be one page! Use a click through multi-page experience to break down information and make it easier to digest.

Elements on each page can still be interactive, but rather than scrolling down, the user would click through to a new page and portion of the interactive infographic.

Just make sure to keep the flow, so the user doesn’t feel like they’ve completely left the initial infographic.

Get Interactive

You’re ready to create powerful and enticing visual content that can set you apart from your competitors.

It’s projected a whopping 84% of communications will be in visual form by 2018… so if you aren’t creating great visual content, you aren’t communicating with a huge chunk of your potential leads.

By creating an interactive infographic, you don’t only send a message to your readers. You also get them connecting with your content. The unique experience will leave an impression that’s sure to last!

Is your business struggling to leave a lasting impact on your online traffic? We can help. Get our online marketing experience on your side today to make sure you’re gaining the industry authority you deserve with your content.