BreakAway Agent Episode #6 with Damian Forrester of eXp Forrester Group Real Estate

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How Working Together Can Boost Your Real Estate Career

Damian Forrester got his start in information technology. He was a project manager before getting his jump in real estate. Looking for a way to make money and provide for his family, his father in law encouraged him to look into real estate. He thought he had the right drive and personality for it. That initial spark turned into his passion and “others focused” real estate career.

He first got his start with Century 21 and then brought the Keller Williams model into a town that didn’t have it. Eventually, Damian branched out to become the supervising broker of eXp Realty. Damian has experience building teams and making waves no matter where he is.

Listen to the BreakAway Agent Podcast and hear how Damian’s search to provide became a passion. His drive has made him and his team successful in real estate.

Damian shares some key insights into how he got started in this industry. He also shares how being others focused can help you build a team and bring you success.

Good Teams Work Together and Help The Community

In a town with so many real estate agents, it’s important to remember that we all have something to contribute. It’s important to work together so that the community feels united and centered on growth.

At Keller Williams, Damian grew a team of 3-4 agents up to 65 agents.

Not Having A Brick And Mortar Office Can Build Your Client Base And Save You Money

Now that he is with eXp, Damian realizes the value of having a cloud-based model. He isn’t tied to a brick and mortar building and instead gets to be out with people. Working from a coffee shop and collaborating with others helped him build his team.

Not having an office space also saves money without all the fees that are associated with office buildings. The company can use those resources to help build up their agents and give them the tools they need to grow.

When It Comes To Nailing Down A Niche, It Comes Down To Who Needs Your Help

Especially when you’re just getting started in real estate, it might be important to nail down a niche. Who are you comfortable working with?. What property types do you feel most experienced dealing with? However, Damian would argue that it doesn’t matter whether you’re helping someone with their million dollar luxury home or an older mobile home. The level of value you bring your client should be the same.

The level of service you provide should be excellent no matter what type of property your client is buying or selling.

Building The Right Team Includes Making Them A Haven Of People You Trust

If you’re growing your own personal team or helping your brokerage expand more, it is important to surround yourself with people you trust.

Specifically for Damian, his team provides a safe haven that supports him. They help with whatever he needs so that he can focus on his clients, which are eXp agents. Both statewide and locally, as you grow, you need more people who are talented and trustworthy.

Talent is something that Damian looks for more than just experience or resume. Have a passion and drive to make things happen, because that’s what stands out.

Remember That Real Estate Is Harder Than Most People Think It Is – It Takes Time.

Most people think that real estate is an easy way to make a quick buck. Too often they underestimate the amount of time it takes to bring in continual business. You have to have the drive, you have to work hard, and you have to be patient.

If you’re willing to do the hard work even when the market isn’t going well, you have what it takes to make it in this business.

Continue To Learn And Better Yourself So That You Can Better Help Others

Real estate agents can stand out from the crowd if they are going out of their way to educate themselves. Go above and beyond to work on yourself so that you can better help others.

The more that you give back and put into others, the more success that comes back onto you and your business. This type of others focused mentality is a great way to build your business in a natural way.

Lead Generation Is The Most Important Thing In Growing Your Real Estate Business

Schedule the time and work into your day to make sure you are generating leads to grow your business. From your friends to your family, to expireds – let everyone you know are in real estate.

It’s not enough to just be good with people. You can’t grow your business if you don’t have leads coming in that you and your team can cultivate. Lead generation is a never-ending cycle, and it’s essential for real estate growth.

Everyone Is Busy – Time Management and Mentorship Is Key

Even top producers struggle with all of the things that they need to do on a daily or weekly basis. It helps to have a great team supporting you. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to time management and learning with others.

Damian specifically says that when he blocks out time to help other agents grow, it makes him better. Being others focused helps him stay up to date on everything he needs to know. We often learn better and grow more when we are teaching. A mentor or a collaboration can help you stay on top of your game.

Knowing Yourself Can Help You Better Understand Your Clients

Taking personality tests like the DISC test is important to help you get to know yourself better. When you understand why you are the way you are, we can better understand those around us and ultimately serve our clients better.

Learning other personalities can help you better assess potential clients. It can help you distinguish how you can help them the way that they need it. It comes back to that learning mindset. You will probably succeed much more if you have the drive to learn and grow. If you’re set in your ways, you probably won’t grow.

Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Participating With The Community

Get together with people in your industry, and involve the community. Damian thought outside the box by creating a VIP card that gives his clients discounts on local services that they will most likely use. Not only does an idea like this distinguish yourself as someone who cares about clients and people, but it also benefits local businesses.

Out of the box ideas like these are a great way to build a solid lead generation strategy. It can also help you get more genuine referrals that will lead to more business for you.

Learn To Delegate and Just Take Action

Something that most real estate agents struggle with is delegating. Specifically, if you’re a team leader, learning how to let go and trust your team is a big deal. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Instead, train your team so that you trust them to get the job done right. You will not only be building a better team but you will also be freeing up your time to do the things you’ve been putting off.

Damian is really good at is taking action. We all have tasks we are dreading to do but the key to success is to just take action. It’s never as bad as you think! Especially if you have a support system around you helping you manage your time, you can be more others focused and succeed more in your business.

About Our BreakAway Guest

Damian Forrester eXp Montana

Damian Forrester, Supervising Broker

eXp Realty / Forrester Group

Damian was born in Brooklyn, New York and got BA in Early Childhood Education, and a Masters in Information Technology. He and his wife strive for Health and fitness in their daily schedules. He is an avid learner and always wanting to experience new things whether its business or culture. He and his realty team are advocates and educators and they love to see other grow regardless of how much experience they have or brokerage they are in.