BreakAway Agent Episode #5 with Jae Wu of Heyler Realty

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Build Your Real Estate Business The Right Way With Mentorship and Collaboration

This episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast features Jae Wu from Heyler Realty. From being a mother of two to co-owning a real estate company with her business partner Sean McMillan, Jae is a community advocate. She encourages mentorship and collaboration, not just in business but in life as well, and her authentic outlook makes this interview great.

Jae has a passion for helping people and making a difference in her industry. She uses her skills to help make real estate more meaningful and beneficial to everyone around her. Her office has become one of the last “mom and pop” agencies that really care about their team and the clients they work for. Just by listening, you can hear the sincerity in her interview.

Tune into her episode for some of her insights into how to succeed in real estate. It starts by surrounding yourself with mentors and learning how to collaborate with others. Adding value is her bread and butter, and we loved the chance to soak up her wisdom.

How Adding Value and Living Transparently Will Help You Succeed

Jae Wu prides herself on living her life in a glass bowl. Whether it’s personally or professionally, everyone is welcome to look in and join. She runs her team with a mindset of unity and connectedness, and her attitude is “the more the merrier.” Read on as she discusses some key points on how mentorship and collaboration can help you gain success in real estate, especially if you’re just starting out.

At the end of the day, it’s about what’s right, not who’s right.

In real estate, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in making money. At the end of the day, though, it’s not about the money – it’s about the client. Focus on how you can best serve your client every day, and you’re already winning. For example, at Heyler Realty, they advocate a “pay it forward” mindset and every single day, they ask themselves:

  • What did you accomplish?
  • Did you give back? Did you make a difference?
  • Were you kind? Did you have empathy for that other person?
  • Did you give before you took?

Are you and your team putting the client first?

Do the right things on a daily basis, and the money will flow. Ethics in real estate is a big deal, and if you want a successful team, they have to want to put the customer first.

It’s not just enough to have a team you can have a good time with. Your team should also have the kind of people that know real estate is a big majority of life. Jae Wu firmly believes that the way you treat people personally is a reflection of how you will treat them professionally. How are you connecting with people on a regular basis and showing them who you are as a person and as someone in business?

Head knocking is better than door knocking.

Head knocking is getting to know the people around you on a deeper level. You’ve heard of door knocking, and most people think it is essential to real estate growth. Jae might argue that you should get to know the people in your direct sphere of contact as a way to show people that you are trusted resource and helpful person.

An important part of the Heyler Realty growth strategy is getting to know people on a deeper level. Establish yourself as someone who is never too busy to help out. When you make your connections with potential clients meaningful, they will think of you first when it comes time for them to buy or sell.

Being a useful human being and trying to be a helpful resource is great for business.

Creating a client for life comes down to the little details.

If you want to establish yourself as a successful agent, you need to understand each client and know what they need. It’s important to be someone who cares enough to slow down and meet each client where they are at.

Pay attention to the little details, and you’ll most likely gain a raving fan and a client for life. Go above and beyond on the little things, even just getting new people to the office. This helps your client imagine how easy the rest of the transaction is going to go.

Make every client your priority. Try to make it your mission to make them the happiest they’ve ever been when working with you. If you do that, it will make it so easy for them to pass referrals in the future.

Having a mentor to help you see the bigger vision is crucial for growth.

Jae Wu has had a business coach for 18 years who reminds her that we often overestimate what we can get done in a year. She also says we often UNDERestimate what we can get done in 25 years. What are you doing today and what goals are you making that you know you can accomplish in 25 years?

As real estate agents, it can be so so easy to get lost in all the “shiny objects.” There are always new tools and technology that promises will help your business grow. It’s something that Jae struggles with too. She and her team and mentors encourage one another to keep the main thing the main thing. They try not to get so distracted that they let go of what is most important.

Be a super-servant, not just a super-star.

A super-servant is someone who looks at others and sees life from their perspective. They care about their client and put their needs first. A superstar wants to let everyone know how much they are producing. At the end of the day, clients don’t care about your numbers or how many homes you’ve sold, they care about the way that you treat them.

Give to give, and have a mindset to serve – you will feel so much better on a daily basis and it will give you a greater purpose overall.

Coopertition (collaborative competition) can be hard in this industry.

If you have spent time in the real estate industry, you know that it can be filled with people concerned with their own success. Real Estate is often described as cutthroat.

But if we can have a coopertition, a cooperative and collaborative competition, we can all benefit and we can all have so much more growth. We all have something to learn from each other. As she said earlier, it’s about what’s right, not about who’s right.

Start every day with others in mind. Try to constantly think about how you can add value to every single person around us. Your businesses will grow naturally and probably exponentially. Heyler Realty is constantly trying to advocate for more mentorship and collaboration because those are the ways that we can all win.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Jae Wu, Co-Owner/Real Estate Broker

Heyler Realty

Jae is a community advocate, mother of 2 and co-owner of Heyler Realty with her business partner, Sean McMillan. For 23 years, she has used her sharp mathematical mind along with her passion for helping people to make a difference in the Real Estate industry in a meaningful and beneficial way.