BreakAway Agent Episode #9 with Mike Anderson, Independent Real Estate Professional

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Mike Anderson, Independent Real Estate Professional with National Parks Realty, grew up in Whitefish, MT and has been doing real estate since 2005. He jumped headfirst into real estate and has been growing successfully year by year. In this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast, Mike tells us about a foundational success that you can build on.

From communicating with clients to being honest about how much you can handle, Mike gives us some great advice. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pass some tips along to your agents!

How To Build Foundational Success In Real Estate

Specifically working in an area that has primarily been a small, high-end resort town, Mike has worked mainly independently. He started his career in his hometown and doesn’t plan on leaving. As part of National Parks Realty, he gets to be a part of a group of independent brokers and agents who share office space and help bounce ideas off each other. Being a “get it done” type of person, Mike has thrived working for himself and growing his own business.

Here we dissect some of Mike’s tips for building foundational success that can give any real estate agent a boost.

Communication Is The Number One Thing.

People are sending emails, texts, leaving voicemails. The number one thing is that you should be responding to them right away! Don’t wait. If you aren’t picking up your phone, clients will move on.

Get back to the people reaching out to you! It’s crucial if you want to be successful.

Agents Tell A Better Story Than Listing Photos Can.

The National Parks Realty office tries to meet up once a week and bring new listings and properties in front of all of the agents. It is crucial to make sure agents see each property because listings don’t tell the full story.

Especially in a breathtaking environment like Whitefish, photos do not do most properties justice. Having agents walk the property and know it inside and out can make the sale. Online listings are great for clients, but they don’t answer questions as agents can.

Being A Real Estate Agent Means Being Comfortable Engaging With People You Don’t Know.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but communication might be the most important part of real estate. New buyers need to be followed up with. Especially in a tourist town or resort area, you’re dealing with clients who might not be there the next day. Follow up with your clients, and don’t be shy about reaching out to new people.

Real estate success boils down to the interactions you have with people you probably don’t know. It is necessary to get comfortable engaging with them.

Know Your Property So You’re Prepared When Questions Come Up.

Have you ever been to a showing and the agent didn’t really know much about the property? Every question you had was met with, “I’ll have to get back to you.” It’s frustrating, especially for agents trying to sell or get buyers into a new home. Mike encourages agents to do their research about their listings. Spend time getting to know your property so that when clients or other agents have questions, you’ll be prepared.

Don’t Wait Til The Last Minute.

As important as it is to communicate well with your clients, it is equally important to communicate effectively with other agents. Especially when time is a big factor in a hot market, don’t wait to get your paperwork in and respond to other agents or brokers.

Get things taken care of right away so that the turnaround times are quick. Build yourself a reputation as someone who gets back to people right away and takes care of business efficiently.

Be Honest With Yourself About How Much You Can Handle.

As an independent real estate professional, Mike has learned over the last 10+ years how much he can handle. He has a list of trusted referrals he can count on, and he knows when he shouldn’t take on any more listings or clients. It is important to be honest with yourself, because if you’re not, eventually something will slip through the cracks. You don’t want to get buried in work, you want to make sure you’re serving each client with the best of your ability.

Mike is fortunate enough to be a part of a team who collaborates and helps each other manage and stay on top of things.

Don’t Wait To The Next Day. If You’re Thinking About It, Get It Done Now.

Something that has helped Mike stay successful is his “get it done” mentality. He rarely leaves things till the next day. Block out your time and get it done now if you’re thinking about it. Now is always the right time to get things done.

If You Want To Be A Good Real Estate Agent, You Have To Be In 100%.

Because the housing market is always up and down, communication will always be the number one thing. Mike has experienced first hand that just by picking up his phone he is gaining a client that might not have ever used him otherwise.

Regardless of your niche or area, you can set yourself apart by being the agent who responds quickly and goes above and beyond to communicate with people. Be 100% committed to serving people, and success will follow.

Being a good real estate agent and getting that foundational success starts with you. If you’re ready to work hard and give every client the focus and attention they deserve, then you’ll win!

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Mike Anderson, Independent Real Estate Professional

National Parks Realty

Mike started in the real estate business in 2005 and thoroughly enjoys his career and the REALTORS he works with. He was awarded ‘Top Listing Agent,’ ‘Top New Salesperson,’ and ‘Rookie of the Year’ his first year, and his second year was even more successful! Mike lives in Whitefish, MT, where he grew up, and over all these years, he only left for a brief time to attend Oregon Institute of Technology. He especially enjoys seeing and meeting all of the locals that come into the office.