You hear the term “marketing” thrown around everywhere, no matter what industry it’s being referred to. But marketing could mean anything, even if you or your business fancy yourselves marketing specialists! Here is a humble list of what someone could mean when they say marketing:

  • Email campaigns
  • Blog posting
  • Advertising
  • Social media writing
  • Hashtag research
  • SEO
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Building
  • Content Writing
  • Web Management
  • Brand Standard
  • Logo Design
  • Photography
  • Ad Placement
  • Print Ads
  • Graphic Design

Holy cow! This is a such a long list and we don’t even think we included everything there is on the marketing spectrum! We have some ideas on why you as marketing specialists or business professionals shouldn’t even try to handle everything on your own and instead start focusing their skills.

5 Reasons Marketing Specialists Shouldn’t (try to) Do It All

You Will Burn Out

You’ve heard it before. “If you do too much, you’re going to burn out.”

Did that sound like your mom in your head? That’s how we heard it too. But Mom, we’re hardworking and smart and capable, thank you very much. We won’t burn out, we will shine brightly forever.

The truth is – your mom is right. After a while, trying to manage EVERY SINGLE THING for any business, no matter how small, will exhaust you. You cannot possibly do everything in that list up there and also be getting enough sleep.

Our Focus Tip: Make a list of all of the things you do well, or want to do well, and start delegating the rest.

Important Aspects Will Fall Through The Cracks

If you are starting to wonder about the way you work and are thinking, “Hey man, I CAN do it all, watch me!” then let’s be honest. Don’t you think that, just maybe, eventually something will start to slip?

What if you forget to proof an email campaign and instead of a 40% discount you accidentally send a $400 discount? Or maybe you forgot to send the invitations to a major event and no one shows up to buy?

There are a million ways for things to fall through the cracks especially if you are trying to do everything for all sides of the business. From websites to logo design, that alone is a full time job to maintain, and you’re trying to add a million other things! We totally understand, we call ourselves marketing specialists here too!

Our Focus Tip: Get systems in place so that if you do end up becoming a team or hiring out, everyone else meets YOUR standards, instead of you trying to mold around them.

SOMETHING Will Get Less Than 100% Effort

Ok, maybe you’re sticking to your guns. You really ARE doing it all, and (so far) nothing has slipped your mind. You have great systems in place. You are one-person show and are still going strong like the energizer bunny.

Let’s get real for a minute – are you really putting 100% into what you are doing? Social media is getting 100% of your efforts? Your email campaign is getting 100% of your efforts? Advertising and SEO standards are getting 100% of what you have to offer? The list goes on, and the math doesn’t add up.

Eventually, maybe sooner than later, the product you put out will be substandard. That’s hard to hear but it’s true. Even the best of the best (looking right at you), can’t put 100% into 100 different things at any given time.

Our Focus Tip: Do a self evaluation. Are you putting out better or worse content than when you started? Identify the reason why, even if that reason is “I didn’t want to do it.” We also suggest evaluating your efforts on a regular basis, so you know if you are moving in the direction you want to be.

No Marketing Specialist Can POSSIBLY Be Good At Everything

As business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs, this is hard to hear. We try SO hard and have come so far, and it hurts to know that we what we are doing might not be as great as we thought!

Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Marketing specialists everywhere have this struggle, and there is an easy solution. Hire out! Find people who can fill in your blanks. Find people who are as passionate as you and will make you proud that they represent you and your company or business or organization.

Think of it this way: If you were put up against an individual who studied social media writing in depth, and that is all they did, all day, everyday, would your content do better than theirs? What if instead of trying to compete, they became a part of your team?

When you hire people to hand aspects of marketing that you don’t have time or passion for, your team becomes a brand that DOES do it all. It transfers from “Paul Businessman does it all…kind of,” to “Pauls Businessman’s TEAM does it all, and it’s awesome!”

Our Focus Tip: Get involved in the community at least once a month. People who have the same mindset as you will be there, possibly looking for you to partner with. Start small, and work up from there.

When The Market Or Platforms Change, You Will Crash

We kind of think a few of you are still holding onto this idea that you can manage everything under the sun in the marketing world, and you can do it by yourself.

Have you thought about how the digital marketing field is CONSTANTLY changing and expanding and updating? How can you perfect and manage what you are doing and also be adjusting to the market?

Regular research and training should be done so that you never fall behind the times. When it comes to marketing and digital marketing especially, there is also something new coming up. Facebook is constantly updating, WordPress adds newer and better plugins, etc,.

Our Focus Tip: Time block an hour or two a week to read new blogs and just browse new developments in this fascinating and rewarding industry we are all in. Or if 20 minutes a day works better for you, take a break from your to-do list, and get updated!

Let’s Focus On The Bottom Line

Marketing specialists and pros across the board are all different, and they all have different skills. We’ve seen people label themselves for marketing and in reality we don’t trust people who do say they can do it all. If you are reading this blog post, you obviously care about your business and what you do, and we appreciate that you stuck this out with us.

Focus your skills into getting really good at one thing, and then put THAT specialty at the forefront of your business. Put that on your resume! If you are amazing at something, tell people!

More often than not, we meet other business people who have this long list of services, but in reality they are only putting quality effort into ONE or TWO aspects. Everything else should become secondary.

Does that make sense? Be good at what you are good at and work with other people to fill in the cracks you might have.

Last Focus Tip: Sometimes your focus changes, and that is totally fine. Often it’s hard to narrow your focus and we get it! When this business started, we weren’t even focused on websites. But we care so much about our clients, and believe that a solid website is the heart of everything else that we do, so building awesome sites became necessary for us (and now they are one of our main services).