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Get the Most Bank for Your Buck with Our Secret Sauce of Digital Marketing.

Watch this video for 3 ways to optimize all of your existing marketing to work together, increase your visibility, leads, and ultimately sales.

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Just a Few Companies Represented on BreakAway Agent

“Tiffany is the person that every top producer has in the back ground that the public usually doesn’t know about. She is making you tons of money and making you look like you make no mistakes. A must for any top producer wanting to get to the next level!”

John Ellis, Keller Williams Northwest Montana CEO
Real Estate Team Leader John Ellis
Are You Overwhelmed with Digital Marketing

Are You ….

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Unsure What Marketing to Even Do?

  • Struggling to Implement Marketing that will Carry You Through a Market Shift?

  • Scared to Delegate?

  • Worried about Upcoming Market Changes?

  • Irritated by Seeing Your Competitors Stand Out Online More than You?

  • Annoyed by “Big Boxes” Like Zillow

  • Frustrated by Wasting Money on Marketing that Didn’t Work in the Past?

  • Afraid to Trust Yet Another Marketing Company??

Are you wasting your precious time and money on the WRONG things?

What Realtors Do Not Want to Do
The Life You Want

How much better would you life be by doing more of what matters to you most?

Consider the Hourly Value of Your Time Based on Annual Net Income of Sales Done + PLUS + Your Net Income Based on Potential Sales After Implementing Better Marketing.

Take that hourly value of your time and calculate how much it costs when you do these things yourself. Your time is so valuable – it’s time to delegate to a skilled team who collaborates with you and understands what’s been working for you already.

  • Manage Social Media

  • Develop Your Marketing Plan

  • Audit Your Marketing Plan

  • Send Email Newsletters

  • Figure Out Your Website

  • Develop Better Lead Generation

  • Sync Your Systems

  • Stay Up to Date on the Latest in Marketing

  • Monitor Your Analytics

  • Train Your Marketing Staff

  • Write Blog Posts

  • Screen New Tools and Tactics

What Marketing Would Help You Achieve the Sales Level You Want?

If you don’t want to grow your business, this page is not for you. We’re not for everyone. Growth-minded professionals who want to build their career and business and take it to the next level are great fits for the OMH Team.

With that in mind – what challenge is keeping you from that sales production number you have in mind?

What is the cost of INACTION?

Don’t Leave Any More Money on the Table. Turn that fear, procrastination, “busy-ness,” whatever it is, into massive action.

We are a skilled team with the knowledge and leadership to help you UNIFY YOUR MARKETING and implement some very cool, dynamic, tactics that are optimized and repurposed to be seen all over the internet!
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Do You Remember WHY You Even Do This?

What pushes you to work so hard? This job isn’t easy – being a self-employed entrepreneur / business owner is tough work. Why do you do what you do?

  • A Financial Legacy

  • Travel

  • To Build Something Great

  • College for Your Kids

  • To Contribute

  • Retirement

  • Time Freedom

  • To Be Your Own Boss

  • To Live Large

  • You Love the Industry and the People

Optimize What You’re Doing Now and Build a Strong Digital Marketing Pillar

Get started with a FREE Unified Marketing Review

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The 5 Laws of Unified Marketing

When we help you unify your marketing, here are 5 laws we keep in mind at all times. Want to know more about them? Be sure to set up a FREE Unified Marketing Review with OMH Agency Owner/Founder and host of BreakAway Agent, Tiffany Youngren.

  • Don’t Compete with Yourself

  • Don’t Compete with the Boxes (Companies like Zillow)

  • Don’t Waste Money

  • Bridge All Gaps in Your Sales and Marketing

  • Put Good Money Behind What Works

Accelerate Your Career with Our 3 Step Unified Marketing Process


Get an Unified Marketing Plan to start the process ($499). Click here to view the template we use for the process.

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We’ll work with you to set up and connect monthly services that will meet your goals: build your authority online, get leads, keep in touch with contacts,  and generate referrals, so you can make more connections and sell more houses on a daily basis.


Don’t just “set it and forget it.” What is running initial gives us excellent feedback to adjust and constantly improve results. Marketing is all about optimization and improvement – our specialty. Certified Digital Marketer Lab employee training also available!

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

John F. Kennedy

Get the Most Out of What You’re Doing Now and Build Your Digital Marketing Pillar

A free Unified Marketing Review is the first step in the process of freeing you up for better things.

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What Pillars Have Built Your Business to This Point?

What makes up your Parthenon of success
Real Estate Agent Janice Gill

Tiffany came to our Real Estate office to speak to the agents about her online marketing services. I was very impressed so I decided to do one of her free webinars that she offered. I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity. She is very knowledgeable with all the social media out there which I am not. She gave me quite a bit of information and the confidence I needed to plunge into it. I am excited to venture into this with Tiffany’s help, [and] also like that she was able to price this to where it will fit in my budget. … this will help bring my business to a higher level. Thanks Tiffany!

Janice Gill, BH HomeServices

We felt it was essential for our business to have a web presence, but had no idea how to go about it. Several people directed us to “do it yourself” web design sites. After looking at a couple of them, we were overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge in this area and were more confused than ever. Thankfully we found Tiffany with Online Marketing Help! During the initial interview, she took the time to ask questions in order to really understand our business. This enabled her to create a website that is far beyond anything we could have imagined. Her creativity, professionalism and communication skills far exceeded our expectations and we could not be more impressed. We highly recommend Tiffany for your website services!

Jeff and Shelly Langness, Private Lending Investments
Speaker Trainer Coach and Author Diana Damron

Working with Tiffany Youngren and has been an outstanding experience! Since I don’t speak the language of technology, I’m so grateful for Tiffany and her team’s ability to understand, not only what I want, but what I need to enhance my website and its message. As someone who trains and coaches on the subject of communication, I greatly appreciate Tiffany’s ongoing emails and phone calls to ensure clarity and excellence. Not only did I find Tiffany’s work exceptional, but she and her company have become an integral part of my business. If you’re looking for online marketing help, I highly recommend that you give Tiffany Youngren a call.

Diana Damron, Speaker, Author, Coach

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