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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

More Sales with Less Pain

Close more deals and get more clients with fewer headaches! Get a FREE Strategy Session so you can stop throwing good money after bad.

If are looking for a great website and help with social media, Online Marketing is awesome! Our new website is beautiful and has helped generate a lot of new business for us. Tiffany has completely transformed our online presence which in turn has been very beneficial in growing our Company. Thanks.

Digital Marketing for Increased Sales.

OMH Agency is a marketing company that helps businesses and real estate agents who are ready to scale up. We help you develop your digital marketing strategy and we implement inbound, content marketing tactics using web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), blog posts, email marketing, and social media management, driving traffic to your website that is high quality, targeted, and intentional. We use tools such as Google Analytics, WordPress, SEMRush, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Adobe Creative tools, Hotjar, ManyChat, Grade.us, Google Drive, Kartra, Zoom, The Hoth, Zapier, OptimizeMember, and many other cutting edge solutions to ensure the marketing efforts provide you with the absolute best outcome. You’ll enjoy better organic search results, and we add online advertising to increase online attention for more offline sales.

What Sets OMH Agency Apart?

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Time to Level Up and Really Grow

Here are 4 Steps to Scaling:

You know what you’re struggling with, and where you want to end up. If you are wondering what to do next with digital marketing, don’t just piece meal everything together. Let’s take an overall look at what you have going on and develop a plan and specific next steps to accelerate growth. Your entire pipeline should work together – it’s time to delegate the areas you need but should delegate.

The Process

REACTIVE BUSINESS SYNDROME: Where you are now. It’s time to consider why you’re here right now. If you are struggling to get by without a “big picture” plan that guides your marketing, it’s time to do that before throwing any money at it. 

PLOT YOUR POTENTIAL: This free marketing consultation where we get to the source of your pain and identify possible solutions. We explore your immediate questions and needs, target audience and their needs, goals, issues affecting growth, and next steps

TOGETHER WE BUILD A PLAN: The Blueprint is like a Pain Killer for your biggest problem (Phase 1) and Vitamins for strong growth beyond (Phase 2). This is the strategy to meet higher expectations based on your goals, audience, and budget. Learn More »

TAKE ACTION, MONITOR, ADJUST: Beyond the Blueprint, we can help you execute your marketing strategy, gather results along the way, make recommendations, and help adjust for even better results.

What are you struggling with? 

What brought you here? If you have your marketing and sales together, but are looking for someone to do bits an pieces of tactics that your friend on Facebook, competitor, or family brought in and convinced you just have to do, you may be a victim of reactive marketing. This is one of the symptoms of what we call “Reactive Business Syndrome,” or RBS. RBS is expensive, frustrating, and it’s usually not the best way to grow your brand. Slow down the hamster wheel you’re on and request a free 30 minute marketing consultation.

Let’s Review Your Overall Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Let’s Review and Optimize Your Marketing

4 Organizational Needs to Scale:


In a recent study, Tom Ferry discovered that 5 challenges all agents face are prospecting consistently, time management, maintaining a database, mindset and psychology, and organization.

With so many pieces to juggle, it’s more important than ever to have an advisor who can help you develop a plan that is tailored for your needs, budget, audience and goals. Let’s explore your organization and marketing strategy to get you to the next level!

Request a Strategy Session
Develop a Plan that includes Digital Marketing

Are You a Real Estate Agent or Broker?

Get help. Soup to nuts. We understand how bombarded you are with ideas, tools, training – and how little time you have left to actually build your business. Meet with OMH Agency owner, Tiffany Youngren, who was in the industry for over 20 years and helped run a brokerage for over 15. She’ll ask you about what you’re doing, where you’ve been, where you’re going, what’s worked – and importantly, WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Then  you’ll discuss strategy mapping, suggestions, and next steps. Even if you don’t work with us for your digital marketing, you’ll get a ton of value out of that first 30 minutes.

We’ve Got Something Just for You

Tiffany and her crew helped me to create and launch a new site this winter/spring as well as help with my social media. They were very thorough through the process including integrating a custom booking feature. They went above and beyond! I’d highly recommend them for any small business looking to improve their web presence!

Chris Fleck, Stillwater Anglers

Tiffany came to our Real Estate office to speak to the agents about her online marketing services. I was very impressed so I decided to do one of her free webinars that she offered. I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity. She is very knowledgeable with all the social media out there which I am not. She gave me quite a bit of information and the confidence I needed to plunge into it. I am excited to venture into this with Tiffany’s help. I also like that she was able to price this to where it will fit in my budget. I feel this will help bring my business to a higher level. Thanks Tiffany!

Real Estate Agent Janice GillJanice Gill, BH HomeServices

We felt it was essential for our business to have a web presence, but had no idea how to go about it. Several people directed us to “do it yourself” web design sites. After looking at a couple of them, we were overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge in this area and were more confused than ever. Thankfully we found Tiffany with Online Marketing Help! During the initial interview, she took the time to ask questions in order to really understand our business. This enabled her to create a website that is far beyond anything we could have imagined. Her creativity, professionalism and communication skills far exceeded our expectations and we could not be more impressed. We highly recommend Tiffany for your website services!

Jeff and Shelly Langness, Private Lending Investments

Working with Tiffany Youngren and onlinemarketinghelp.net has been an outstanding experience! Since I don’t speak the language of technology, I’m so grateful for Tiffany and her team’s ability to understand, not only what I want, but what I need to enhance my website and its message. As someone who trains and coaches on the subject of communication, I greatly appreciate Tiffany’s ongoing emails and phone calls to ensure clarity and excellence. Not only did I find Tiffany’s work exceptional, but she and her company have become an integral part of my business. If you’re looking for online marketing help, I highly recommend that you give Tiffany Youngren a call.

Speaker Trainer Coach and Author Diana DamronDiana Damron, Speaker, Author, Coach

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