“Push Button” Explosive Podcast Marketing, Production and Promotion Machine for Influencers

If you have recorded at least 5 podcasts – whether your own or as a guest – I guarantee that you’ll be blown away by our “Press Play” Podcast Ignition System. You know the power of the podcast. Maybe even the thought of it wore you out. But, what if you just showed up, then your team had everything they need to launch a six figure PR campaign at a fraction of the cost?

The Podcast Ignition System
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Interview with Robert Shemin

“I call you the ‘White Oprah’ …. I liked the question about what you would tell your younger self, very good questions. It is very rare that I get asked questions that make me think.”

Robert Shemin, Best Selling Author
Business Growth Leader Allison Maslan

“I love the questions you asked! I thought it was great!”

Podcast Marketing for a Bigger Audience

“Old ways won’t open new doors. Podcast Marketing is where we’re putting our efforts to provide you with the absolutely best results with the resources that you have right now. Considering the current business climate, we find that podcasting is the perfect way to build a foundation for accelerated growth as the economy begins to improve and we can all start leaving our houses.”

~ Tiffany Youngren

We help you shorten the distance between your first few podcast episodes and crushing it.

You have something to say, so start podcasting. Then you want a bigger audience. Then you want to get clients from those new people in your circle. The next thing you know, you’ve got a team behind you, producing the show, so all you have to do is sit down and record it. Imagine building relationships with even more amazing people, just from getting to sit down and talk to your favorites!

Podcasting could get you all those things – and  it doesn’t have to be hard.

Planning & Prep


Bringing in and managing guests can be rewarding, not daunting. We make it easy for your team to get the most out of each interview in a few clicks.

Guest Recruiting, Interview Management, Monetization, and Team Development.



One simple Zoom recording can turn into 101 pieces of content and in places across the internet (and beyond). Systems take it off your plate and blow it into a 6 figure PR campaign.

The Creation of Finished Audio, Video, Blog Posts, Transcriptions, Press Releases, Social Media Content, and Guest Posts.



All of that beautiful, optimized content is no good to anyone sitting in a Dropbox folder. With another click, the team pushes it out so your audiences “sees it everywhere.”

Podcast Syndication, Social Media Posting, Press Release Submissions, Blog Post Upload and Optimization, YouTube Optimization.
Harness Power Accountability Partner Bio George Rosario NYC

“This was so easy. I’ve been interviewed by so many people who weren’t as comfortable, they looked too practiced. We had a conversation, we’re like best friends now!”

Richard Kallabat BreakAway Agent

“This was only the third podcast I’ve ever done, and I like it. I like the process.”

Stephanie Vitacco BreakAway Agent

“Oh it was great! I thought it was good. You made it very easy, it was very relaxed, and you’re a great interviewer.”

101 Podcast Marketing Pieces and Places

Gary Vee has been saying it for a while – “The ultimate goal of creating this presentation on my content model is to show you how my team took one of my keynotes, repurposed it into 30+ pieces of content, and then successfully distributed all of that content, resulting in over 35,000,000 total views.”

He has also said that you should be turning one podcast into 64 pieces of content, so we wondered …. does our podcast marketing system create at least that much? Of course!! To show you some of the ways to get it done, we’ve created a list of 101 Podcast Promotion Pieces and Places to show you how. HOWEVER, the problem is rarely knowing where to put the content – it’s having (or lacking) a system to make the whole process seem light. That’s why we created the Podcast Ignition System.

101 Podcast Promotion Pieces and Places FREE GUIDE

Have You Recorded at Least 5 Episodes?

If you have done at least 5 podcasts – whether your own podcast or as a guest – and want to gain traction while releasing yourself from the burden of it all, apply for a free consultation.

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