Digital Marketing Competitor Keyword Report

Reclaim Google Leads from Competitors.

We’ll find the top 3 competitors in your market for your best keywords, then provide you with a list of keywords and tactics to use to take back those potential clients!

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Competitor Keyword Report

“If competition is healthy, then domination is immunity.”

~ Grant Cardone

When you compete, you go head to head with others in your industry to deliver a set of services like they do. On the other hand, when you are the premier choice, the only choice, and the one who stands out, you dominate.

Our Strategies Get You Traffic and Leads

Are you leaving money on the table by putting off having a consistent presence on YouTube, social media platforms, and even podcast apps? Your perfect customers are active on these platforms. Therefore, now is the time to emerge while your competitors are too busy on passing tactics to notice. We’ll help you save a ton of time with proven processes.

  • More than 50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content like emails, social, and blogs. 2019 Hubspot
  • Over half the population say they have listened to a podcast. 2019 Edison Research
  • 69% of Americans use Social Media. 2019 Broadband Search (Facebook is still the leader)

We Start with Digital Marketing Content Your Ideal Clients Crave

Your best clients will love the videos, and your growing audience will see it everywhere.

We used our podcasts as testing grounds and have been rewarded with feedback like, “I see you everywhere.” Let us do it for you.

Blog Posts

Blog Post as Core Content for Digital Marketing

The article pages become landing pages to capture leads, improve search ranking, and serve as re-purposed content for maximum traffic.


Videos as Core Content for Digital Marketing

Value-based videos for education and/or entertainment to engage your audience are optimized, put onto YouTube, and then become blog posts (with all the promotion).


Podcasts as Core Content for Digital Marketing

We work with you to produce a prospecting-forward podcasts and the episode content are re-purposed into video and blog articles for increased authority building, website traffic, database nurturing, and sales.

Our 3 Part Process to Domination

I mean it – you really can stop “competing” and start DOMINATING using videos and podcasts that are pushed out to your website, social media, and email campaigns. Here are the 3 steps to getting to domination.


Set the Course

Identify the message that will attract the right kind of clients, topics your audience is looking for and asking about, and the format that best fits you. You can first preview our pre-planning checklist. After that, you can set up a Power Hour where we’ll go through it with you.

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Create Commanding Content

Here is where “competition” turns into domination. Our one-of-a-kind process is customized to create value-based content that your best clients and prospects are looking for. We do all the heavy lifting to produce and optimize social and educational videos, starring you, and subsequently turn them into syndicated podcast episodes.


Ongoing Authority Building

Our ongoing monthly services provide you with the blog posts that will get more traffic to your site and generate leads. In addition, grow you audience and drive website visitors with social media, and keep in touch for more repeat and referral business using valuable updates to your contact list.

“Tiffany is the person that every top producer has in the back ground that the public usually doesn’t know about. She is making you tons of money and making you look like you make no mistakes. A must for any top producer wanting to get to the next level!”

John Ellis, Keller Williams Northwest Montana CEO
Real Estate Team Leader John Ellis

Next Steps

This program is not for everyone. We work with busy, successful professionals who want to build authority using digital marketing and grow their audience so they can be seen as the premier choice in their market. If that sounds like you, here are the next steps.

Podcast Vlog Pre-Planning Checklist

1. Pre-Planning Checklist


We’ll walk through the pre-planning phase using the Video and Podcast Episode Pre-Planning Checklist. You’ll find it to be extremely helpful to

  • Uncover topics
  • Identify the format
  • Determine the quality level of the components

Click here to preview the checklist that we use

2. Content Jump Start


We have found that it is best to start with 6 videos and podcast episodes. This provides flexibility during the roll-out process and allows for adjustments that can drastically improve results over time.

We’ll set you up with your first 6 videos that are also pushed out as podcast episodes.

Your time is still be yours, since we’ll plan and produce the podcast. We’re not one of those “send us your audio and we’ll produce it” production crews, nor do we rely on you to organize, plan, and run any part of it.

All media is optimized and set up to attract your ideal clients and build your authority.

Step 2 Jump Start - Digital Marketing
Online Visibility with Digital Marketing

3. Monthly “Secret Sauce”


We built our company to solve a struggle for business owners: staying consistent online with the proven things that work. For example:

  • Monthly Emails for more repeat and referral clients.
  • Social Media for improved SEO and “clicks” directly to your blog post landing pages.
  • Blog Posts for drastically improved SEO, more visitors to your website, and lead capture. The blog posts are the hub of all this new web traffic.

Our Secret Sauce has been generating countless leads, raising the number of website visitors, and prompting contact from email lists for over 3 years.

Imagine How You’ll Feel to Get Calls from People You’ve Never Met Before – Without the Stress of Running the Marketing Campaign!

No more wracking your brain coming up with ideas, taking time out of your day that you don’t have to instruct your assistant, or worrying whether your digital marketing is working. Our system has helped our clients get more engagement, expand their audience, and built their authority, and it can do it for you.

Above All, Multiply Your Business with the Team Who Created this Killer System

Let us wow you with our highly attentive service, impressive processes, and exciting strategies. Imagine the relief – then excitement – that you’ll feel as you get emails, messages, and phone calls from people you’ve never met before who found you on YouTube or iTunes. Think about how amazing it will feel getting new clients and keeping in touch with your existing clients without a huge amount time and effort.

“As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”

Jay Abraham

In other words: the sooner you decide, the sooner you can blow the doors off!

Real Estate Agent Janice Gill

Tiffany came to our Real Estate office to speak to the agents about her online marketing services. I was very impressed so I decided to do one of her free webinars that she offered. I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity. She is very knowledgeable with all the social media out there which I am not. She gave me quite a bit of information and the confidence I needed to plunge into it. I am excited to venture into this with Tiffany’s help, [and] also like that she was able to price this to where it will fit in my budget. … this will help bring my business to a higher level. Thanks Tiffany!

Janice Gill, BH HomeServices

We felt it was essential for our business to have a web presence, but had no idea how to go about it. Several people directed us to “do it yourself” web design sites. After looking at a couple of them, we were overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge in this area and were more confused than ever. Thankfully we found Tiffany with Online Marketing Help! During the initial interview, she took the time to ask questions in order to really understand our business. This enabled her to create a website that is far beyond anything we could have imagined. Her creativity, professionalism and communication skills far exceeded our expectations and we could not be more impressed. We highly recommend Tiffany for your website services!

Jeff and Shelly Langness, Private Lending Investments
Speaker Trainer Coach and Author Diana Damron

Working with Tiffany Youngren and has been an outstanding experience! Since I don’t speak the language of technology, I’m so grateful for Tiffany and her team’s ability to understand, not only what I want, but what I need to enhance my website and its message. As someone who trains and coaches on the subject of communication, I greatly appreciate Tiffany’s ongoing emails and phone calls to ensure clarity and excellence. Not only did I find Tiffany’s work exceptional, but she and her company have become an integral part of my business. If you’re looking for online marketing help, I highly recommend that you give Tiffany Youngren a call.

Diana Damron, Speaker, Author, Coach

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